Hi there,

You know there are times when life throws us an unexpected curve ball or we feel just plain stuck.  It can feel devastating!  It often is devastating in that moment.

But with the right support to gain a new perspective,  we can come to realize the hidden treasure that the curve ball has delivered.  When we find that treasure and learn to run with it, life becomes amazing.  Often even more amazing than it ever was before. Watching this miraculous shift happen for clients is what I love about my work.  I would love to witness it happen in your life too.

It can. It is a journey of learning new skills, truer perceptions, and insights.  It is a highly worthwhile adventure in growth.  I have experienced it many times myself and I have assisted many others to make such significant life-changing shifts.   I provide you with skills that empower you to transform and express your soul, discover your own creativity, bringing you, peace of mind, love, clarity and a sense of purpose.

My strengths include decades of experience working with a variety of clients, compassion, open-mindedness, recognition of the creativity in people and life and a present-moment awareness during counseling sessions which facilitates client breakthroughs. I listen, holding the space for you to find your deeper knowing. Together we find answers that are right for you.

The still mindful presence that guides my work with people is also the source of my art, expressing the light and color of soul consciousness. I am in the process of recreating my art website to more easily make my art available to acquire.  Visit it and message me there to keep up with what is happening with my art.

I counsel clients in my living room, or backyard garden here in West Bath, Maine. By Skype or the phone, I serve clients, more geographically distant in Australia, London, California, Florida and throughout New England, empowering them to experience grounded inner fulfillment and express their unique gifts actively in their life.

Let’s connect soon.  Call me at 207 443-7001 or email me at maryanna@lightcoach.com