Hi! I am Maryanna Bock, a reverend,  counselor, life coach, licensed clinical social worker and spiritual fine artist.  This website is about my counseling,  light coaching, which I sometimes refer to as Guide Service for the Soul.

The still mindful presence that guides my work with people is also the source of my art, expressing the light and color of soul consciousness.  My art website is currently being remodeled and is not yet online.  Meanwhile, please contact me, using the form in the sidebar to learn more about my art.

My counseling with folks is a collaborative, empowering, empathetic and a Self-revealing process. Together we shine the light on your true Self and your innate ability to create a fulfilling, purposeful and rewarding life.

With gentle, insightful, intentional presence, we liberate the natural intuitive consciousness within you. You access an energy flow that brings ease and clarity into areas of your life that before felt stuck or challenging.

As a coach and mentor, I walk my talk.  I transmit an energetic resonance, which your soul can entrain to, and offer cognitive tools to empower beneficial change.   At the end of personal coaching or counseling sessions with me, folks often say they feel a positive shift in their experience and perception. They relax more into the joy of being themselves.

This method of energetic transmission empowers you to attract your personal goals in a natural way aligned with your unique Soul mission.

I counsel clients here in my living room, backyard, and garden here in West Bath, Maine. On Skype or the phone, I serve clients, more geographically distant in Australia, London, California, Florida and throughout New England, empowering them to align with their soul, experience grounded inner fulfillment, and express their unique gifts in all aspects of their life.

Important things I have learned in life:

  • Our most significant opportunity in this life is our Soul’s  Enlightenment.
  • We are here to experience and transmit Conscious Creative Love. The Source of that Love is within each of us. When we find it within ourselves, it is reflected back to us in every moment in life.
  • We deserve the kind of support that sees and honors our innate potential and guides us to experience a profound love and acceptance of our Self and to express who we truly are.
  • From this inner anchor of Self-love, the Enlightenment Transmission – we naturally attract the love we deserve, express our unique creativity and reap the natural reward of a joyful, peaceful, balanced life.
  • A mentor who lives their vision can both teach and transmit the ‘know how’ to us, illuminating our inner power to create the tangible results of our life vision.

Let’s connect soon.  Call me to set up a time for a complimentary session at 207 443-7001 or email me at maryanna@lightcoach.com



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