2016 Nature Healing & Spiritual Alignment Retreat

I am excited to announce the 2016 Nature Healing and Spiritual Alignment Retreat to be held Saturday, July 30th through Friday, August 5th, 2016 on the campus of Juniper Hill School, in Alna, Maine on the shore of the Sheepscot River.

Veiw of river from the woods

View of river from the woods

This seven-day Retreat will focus on enhancing the ‘Three Blessings,’ our divine unrealized birthright and recognizing and eliminating the destruction of them in our lives.

By three blessings I am referring to are:

  • The Blessing of Soul and Body integration. This is the conscious knowledge and love of your Soul, integrated and purposefully expressed through your body.
  • The Blessing of Sou’sl loving connection with your life partner(whether he or she has arrived yet or not), your family, community, and all our fellow human BEINGS;
  • The Blessing of the love and connection with the Family of Life, the Earth, the Cosmos, as I have heard Native People refer to as ‘all our relations’.

By the three destructions, I am referring to the systematic interference practiced in our society regarding the three blessings.  Without recognizing them in ourselves and each other we cannot say ‘no’ to them, take conscious action to recover from them and redirect our lives towards the blessings which are our birthright.

These destructions start before and during birth, continue through childhood and on into adult life. As a culture we have made LIFE our enemy and are systematically endangering it, as well as our own existence.

Acknowledging the destructions is a first step forward.

My granddaughter Theona took most of these shots at Juniper Hill, when she took me on a tour in December. She has a view of the Macro and the Micro.

My granddaughter Theona took most of these shots at Juniper Hill, when she took me on a tour in December. She has a view of the Macro and the Micro.

Until we see clearly where we are, we will not find our way out.  The way forward is a practice of Presence or Consciousness.  We each are responsible for our part in the collective, whatever that part is.  We each came here to Earth with a purpose.  Are we truly fulfilling it? Whatever our unique purpose is, it is innately joyful.  Ignoring our purpose, is depressing.

In this week together, we will rebuild and reawaken our relationship between our Soul and Body, between ourselves, our loved ones and each other, between our Self and the Family of Life.

A week-long jump-start of consciously living a purposeful life is a gift not only to ourselves.  It is a gift to the whole of LIFE.    We each have our part to play in realigning life with Love.  It begins with each of us.  It is the most powerful and fulfilling adventure possible – to unleash the three blessings in our own life.

The week-long experience will include experiences and teaching to increase our skills and understanding in these areas:

Light Streaming though the Woods

Light Streaming through the Woods

  • We live in an energetic reality, Physics established ‘All is Light.’
  • Wisdom from Ancient teachings, brought current through modern quantum physics and neurobiology. In our culture these are still just concepts. On retreat we will explore these realities experiencially.  We will support each other in unleashing the power of love and consciousness.  These unseen qualities trump the seen material goals our society is obsessed with.
  • What is our Consciousness? Who are we? Which one is the Real Me?
  • Experiencing the body as an energetic reality within an energetic universe through the practice of energy work.
  • Connection and communion time –being open, honest and vulnerable (un-defended) with each other, partners, family– experiencing the power of love.
  • Solo time in communion with the Family of Life, which will surround us there, discover your Earth siblings and how much they love you.
  • EFT- an energetic skill in intentionally removing unconscious blocks.


    Theona’s view downstream on the Sheepscot.

  • The Gift of the plant spirits – organic plant-based meals – and the ancient and modern secrets of health and healing the body. Exposing the monetary interests’ intent on ignorance of how to support the body’s natural regenerative health through the gifts of nature.
  • The Gift of water, daily showers, hydrating the body with pure water, bonding with the spirit of the river.
  • The Gift of the earth, camping for the week on this lovely land and bonding with it.

Come on Retreat and be ready to rattle your unconscious habits.  Be ready to own your life, your purpose and its role in the family of Life.  Be ready to begin to live a life of full-on purpose,  a blessing for yourself, your family, the world.

Juniper Hill is a perfect for this intention. This lovely, very responsive natural parcel of Earth has been loved, respected and honored for three generations of the same family which now generously hosts the school. On its 40 acres of fields and woodlands, on the shore of the Sheepscot River in Alna Maine, it is easy to feel its loving responsiveness as you walk where others, both adults and children have offered it so much love before us.

This map of the Juniper Hill campus was drawn by Theona, my granddaughter, who knows it well and will be our guide to the land.

This map of the Juniper Hill campus was drawn by Theona, my granddaughter, who knows it well and will be our guide to the land on retreat.

Juniper Hill School is a ‘Place-based Education’ pre & elementary school.  Placed-based Education is a new pedagogy in which children learn in and directly from their natural environment and their community.  They spend 4 hours each day outside, in every kind of the weather.  They thrive exponentially emotionally, physically, academically, in self-integration and confidence.  My heart has rejoiced as I saw this natural enlivening process in my granddaughter and her class mates for several years.

Previously I offered, what was called ‘quest’ annually for over a decade. I also

Another micro view of Theona's honoring her firend, the White Oak.

Another micro view of Theona’s honoring her friend, the White Oak.

offered a Spiritual Leadership Training for several years.  This year’s Nature Healing and Spiritual Alignment Retreat has evolved from those earlier offerings.  It is the distillation of the understanding, wisdom and insight I have been gifted with in my 75 years of life experience.

Earlier years of ‘quest’ were modeled on a Native American ‘vision quest,’ without a real appreciation for how the culture in which ‘vision quest’ was conceived, was radically different, from the culture we have been born and raised in.  Without acknowledging this reality, we are ignoring the essential foundation to right relationship with the natural world, our own soul and each other.

Following remnant rituals alone will not return us to those times, those values or those connections.  Certainly profound experiences happened on earlier ‘quests.’ You can read some testimonials here.  This is evidence of the incredible love the Earth has for each of us.  I look forward to bathing in that Love with you again this year.

Are you ready to board?

Are you ready to board?

We will acknowledge where we are: how much has been lost; how much has been gained.   We intend to take responsibility for a new way of living, for our own Soul, our life partner, our family, our community and the world at large.  NOW is the time.

With a clear purposeful intention for deeper love for our Soul, enhancing its integration and expression through our body, our Love for each other, and our Love for the Earth Mother, we will receive much.

We will be guided in our relationship with the land, by my ten-year old granddaughter, Theona, who is deeply bonded with the place.  Peter, my life partner will be supporting us in many ways.  Eryn Howe will support us with her expertise preparing in healthful plant-based meals .

The fee for the week, which includes a pre-retreat coaching session to enhance your intentional preparation, a follow-up session to anchor benefits in your life, and health giving-earth aligned meals during the retreat, is $900. Payable in advance or by an agreed upon payment arrangement.

I am honored, excited and humbled by the intuitive guidance that is coming through, showing the way forward for this retreat experience.  For years I have felt the nudges in this direction.  Now I feel it is time to bring this experience fully into being.

Theona welcoming us.

Theona welcoming us to the ‘Color Woods’.

I encourage you to honor any nudge you have to take part.  Set your intention as soon as you can, to give the guiding spirits time to pave the transformative way for you to have the optimal experience on retreat.  If you have questions or would just like to process your thoughts about it, please contact me, either by email, maryannabock@gmail.com, by skype (my skype name is: maryannabock) or by phone – 207-443-7001.

Please pass this on to anyone you feel might benefit or be a fit for this experience.

Theona's favorite spt in the Sit Spot Woods

Theona’s favorite spot in the ‘Sit Spot Woods.’

View Up the Sheepscot From the Shore

View Up the Sheepscot From the Shore

One of many circle gathering spots under the ancient apple trees, seen here in December.

One of many circle gathering spots under the ancient apple trees, seen here in December.