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Soul Journeying is a simple way to enter into the larger beingness and intelligence of which we are a part and receive from it. It is similar if not identical to Jung’s use of the Imaginal world and Michael Harner’s classic shamanic journeying.

Here I share the guidance received from one such journey:

I went within and allowed my soul to journey. I entered the Earth through a sacred Well in the northern forest of Beech tree maidens and Oak Guardians. I traveled within the mother and her womb of warm silent darkness to a time unknown.

I came out in a high cave in the land of red sandstone. Here in this land of cliff dwellings I meet my ancient grandmothers from all time. Behind them also stood my grandfathers as sentinels of protection for the Heart within us all.

The grandmothers began to teach.

They said, “When you are feeling such feelings as: less than, fear of loss, fear of need, fear of lack, even anger – notice the pain of these feelings.

Have compassion, first of all on yourself. Sink deep, very deep within to your core Self. There you will find your connection with all that is, with every other being.

There you will find the Source of all that is within yourself and your interconnection with every other being and aspect of creation.

There you will find peace.

You will find how to do the greatest service for yourself, how to access your greatest joy. In this place of Oneness within you, you will find the greatest happiness in serving and respecting yourself by respecting and serving the other.

From this place of deep self-compassion, acts of love are the natural dynamic expression; caring for yourself first by respecting, honoring and caring for each other being becomes your highest pleasure.

Service becomes the most profound joy.

Pain comes only when you leave this place of connection with Self and Other in ONE and attempt to change or fix what appears to be outside of yourself.

What you are attempting to fix outside is only the reflection of what exists within yourself. What you judge wrong on the outside as your neighbor’s self, acts or condition, you also judge wrong within yourself.

When you are grounded within to the reality of who you truly are, you see the outside as it truly is, your own reflection. The pain, the famine, the lack, the war, the injustice, these conditions have reality, primary reality within yourself.

When you have real compassion on your self, witnessing yourself caught in these reactive energies within your own shadow, you will no longer be able to either passively allow their existence or actively reinforce their existence.

You will recognize the infinite abundance and God power within you.

You will than have no need to “fix” either other or yourself.

Rather you will see with clarity the power reflected in each of us, and enhance and support it.

You will also feel the power of compassion and wholeness. By acting from this place of deep recognition you create fulfillment within yourself and empower it in each other person in your life.

In this place of compassion for self you access the power to change the world from where it is actually created. ”

In gratitude for the wisdom that resonated within me with their words, I thanked them all for revealing the knowing that I could find in our Oneness and re-entered the Spirit-Earth path back to this dimension.

How do you connect with the oneness within you?

What is you favorite method of soul journeying?

What tools do you use to gain the inner guidance that sustains you?

How do you honor your truest self each day?

What service brings you the greatest joy?

©2003 by Maryanna Bock

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