A Suggestion – only if you FEEL it pull you

You may have heard me speak of my friend and Enlightenment teacher, Dave.  Some of you now have your own connection with him and the Enlightenment Transmission.

The purpose of this email is to suggest it may be of real value to your soul to connect directly to Dave.  So as you read this, please sense your Soul within you and listen to Its response.  Only you can know if this suggestion is of value to you or not.

Are you a seeker of something deeper or clearer than what you experience within yourself now?

Most of my life I have been seeking something intangible. Beginning as a child, I have looked in a lot of ‘places’. Growing up and in college they included: the Baptist Church, the Presbyterian, and the Catholic Church.

In my twenties I tried LSD repeatedly, thinking I would find IT through that experience.

In my thirties I became a follower of Guru Maharaji and pursued his Darshan across the country.

In my forties and fifties I pursued several master’s degrees in areas that I thought would expand my understanding of consciousness and finally give me a viable profession other than that of a craftsman and artist: Waldorf education and social work.

In my fifties and sixties I engaged in ‘Transformational breath work’ and and followed the teaching and practices of several Native American teachers.

Meanwhile I was a constant reader of whatever spiritual writers I could find.  Starting in my teens with The Bible and Kahili Gibran, and on throughout the decades reading:  Carl Jung; Joseph Campbell; Rudolf Steiner; Abraham and Ester Hicks; the Dalai Lama and other Buddhist writers; the Tao te Ching; Marianne Williamson; Hyemeyohsts Storm: Joseph Rael; Glenda Green; Byron Katie; Valerie Hunt; the Course in Miracles; David R. Hawkins; Eckhart Toole; and others.

As a result of all this effort I developed a very spiritually correct ego and became ‘an invisible-card carrying member’ of the New Age movement, pretending to more ‘bliss’ than was real in my life.

All of that information was telling me how I ‘should’ be, suggesting strategies to accomplish it. Basically leaving my highly developed spiritual ego in charge of transformational operations.  So my interior experience of life remained pretty much unaltered. I was no more in touch with my Self.

My kids, (they are grown men now whom I am quite proud to know), can tell you, I remained just as opinionated and armed with the latest arsenal of spiritual concepts, just as insistent on shoving my latest ideas and books, down their now adult throats, in my not-so-humble opinion, ‘for their own good.’   Obviously I was as arrogant as ever.

All of the above is easy to describe. What to a large extent is much harder to describe is the impact on my life of the Enlightenment Transmission which I first experienced April 29, 2002.  The day I first sat in Dave’s presence.  Nothing about that encounter on the outside was at all unusual.  Three people, two women and a man, sitting outside in the beautiful mountains of N.C. Two of them chatting quite animatedly, Nancy and Dave. One appearing to quietly listen. Me.

It has taken years for me to actually consciously recognize some of what happened that day and has continued to grow quietly and gently in my interior life since.  I now realize it was the beginning of my experience of the Enlightenment Transmission, which Dave describes as the Holy Spirit.

For years I resisted that name, “The Enlightenment Transmission’ and wondered why he didn’t just refer to it as the Holy Spirit, if that is what it is.  Why create a new unfamiliar term.  I now embrace that name. Thanks to that subtle quiet direct guidance of the Transmission, Itself.

In the decades of my experience of Christianity, it was required to ‘believe’ in the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity.  Yet I don’t recall any acknowledgment of the very intimate personal experience of it in our life, with the exception of Merton, who would refer to it as Sophia, the source of wisdom, also changing the name of it.  Words carry the associations we first have with them.  Holy Spirit – the third most distant part of a distant God.  When Jesus said he would send it, he referred to it as ‘The Comforter.’ The Enlightenment Transmission is now an amazing Comforter in my life.

In all of my efforts and seeking prior to meeting Dave and for quite a few of the first years after I first met him, my relationship with the Transmission was tentative….

That is not quite it – my willingness to welcome and trust it was tentative.

My experience now is different. I have easy and regular, close to constant access to the restorative sweet peace of inner stillness and trust in a silent inner knowing and perception that connects me with reality, both inner reality and outer reality.  Even at times when that reality is painful.

I no longer need to put my faith in the shaky world of spiritual beliefs, and concepts.  I connect with an inner experience of awareness that is truly trustworthy.

This inner change continues to deepen further and has even become recognizable to some others around me.

Peter, my husband says that since the Oct, 2013 seven day retreat with Dave, I have been softening and am more pleasant to live with.  My work with clients is more frequently reported as beneficial.  A number of them feel something in sessions that they can acknowledge as a transmission.

My inner experience of the Enlightenment Transmission is very hard to verbalize, at times even hard for me to recognize, so I am always a bit surprised when others recognize evidence of it in me and my life.

I have heard Dave say his mission is to connect us fully to the Enlightenment Transmission.  The Enlightenment Transmission is here to connect us fully and eternally with our own Soul.

As I understand Dave’s definition of enlightenment it is to be fully express our own Soul, our real self, no longer hindered by the existence of a false identity or ego.

Enlightenment is not the ego’s vision of perfection.  Dave makes mistakes and freely admits them.  He is fully human- a married and devoted family man, who loves nature and cross country skiing.

I am grateful for all the ways he continues to nudge me towards a deeper experience of the Enlightenment Transmission and all that it opens me to, most especially being fully in touch with who I am,  my Soul.  It is such a powerful yet sweet, gentle inner awareness.

I am hopeful that Dave will again come to the US this year.  He lives in Finland.  There is reason to hope that he will come this year.  And it is not a sure thing, as there are things that need to fall into place for it to happen.

If you feel something inside you respond to or wonder about what I share here, I encourage you to connect with Dave now, so that if he comes to the US, you will have a chance to more deeply connect with the Transmission.

And even if he doesn’t come, he is very available.  The community of participants (Dave’s word for what other spiritual teachers call followers) is rather small in number, (at the present, this could change.) but quite worldwide.  Thanks to the internet.  My point is you don’t have to wait to see him.  People connect with him and each other through Skype and Mumble.

And it is wonderful to be physically present with him, which is why people travel around the globe to see him.

He is not like other teachers who convey their teaching solely through words. Dave’s words are well worth hearing, but it is the Transmission that truly teaches.   A longtime friend of mine joined a recent teacher call with Dave.  Later she shared with me that she didn’t hear anything that was said (a common experience, I also had for a number of early years of listening to Dave), but she felt it deeply and during the call, an inner emotional pattern, which she had struggled with for decades left, evaporated, and is now gone.

That kind of experience is not to be expected and not an outcome to seek the Transmission for.  Seek the Enlightenment Transmission for your Soul, if you feel it nudge you towards it.  Nonetheless a whole variety and range of similar personal transformational experiences occur among participants in the Oshana Enlightenment Transmission Teaching community.

Meanwhile, whatever your response to this suggestion is, know I honor you for who you are an send you – Much love and blessings from my heart.

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