Self-Care of the Soul

 Spiritual Deepening  Rest Stop

Saturday, April 20th, 2013, 10-4

At my Home in West Bath, ME

Sliding Scale Fee: $65- $95


What is Self-Care?   So often we can easily confused it with self-indulgence, self-absorption, even self-delusion.  None of which are real self-care.  Self-care can often entail going ‘out of our comfort zone’ rather than retreating further into it.

Nor does it lie in the other direction of being ‘hard on ourselves’

The mystery lies in the revelation that the greatest self-care may lie in giving of ourselves.  But here again, are we giving because we ‘think’ we should?  Or is our giving the natural overflow from the shining cup of our heart’s love?

The Basis of Self-Care lies in the bedrock of our intimate connection with our soul and its profound need to express its unique authentic Self in the world, in Life.

This is the mystery we will explore together during this April Rest Stop.

I don’t pretend to be an authority on this subject, nor do I expect that of anyone coming to have answers.  But I fully intend to hold these questions contemplatively between now and when we come together.  I fully trust that what we are truly willing to understand will be revealed to us and through us in the energy of our mutual presence.  I trust we will all experience inner deepening and peaceful rest for our Soul, in the compassion, acceptance, honesty and reverence for each other that we will create together in our circle.  Let’s Embrace True Care of our Soul.

The day will include some singing, some praying, some sharing in circle of insights and reflections, solo time for prayer, meditation, walking, time in nature or inside the studio or next to the wood stove if it is still cool enough.

If you are curious, if you feel the inner nudge to join us, give me a call, 443-7001 or email me at

Please let me know if you intent to come (register) as soon as you are able. The fee (due with registration) is a sliding scale from $65-$95 and includes a simple lunch of soup. ‘Pot luck’ additions of simple nourishing healthy foods are welcome.



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