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Are we a Pro-Life or a Anti-Life Culture? How long will we deny the Source of Peace?

  • I awoke this morning receiving a message.  For years I have learned to pay attention to the messages I receive when I awaken.  This one felt exceptionally essential.

The main thrust of the message was the importance of valuing of life in ways our current culture and society has lost.

These values were lost about 3000 years ago when hierarchy, dominance, fear, control and war began to permeate human culture.

It wasn’t always so. I hope we will return to our distant ancestral values before we destroy sustainable life on the planet.

Our ancient ancestors’ values as now revealed through archeological digs, slowly being reinterpreted to show their truth in deep contrast to prevailing myths and beliefs.

Our early ancestors did not believe that a daughter spring to life out of the head of her father, as Athena was converted to claim.  Nor would our ancient ancestors have found it believable that the mother of humanity, Eve, was created out of the rib of her consort, Adam.  These are the stories of the more recent 3000 years of war, hierarchy, patriarchy, fear, power over and suppression of the maternal feminine, diversity and above all else nature itself.

This disastrous shift that took place over several thousand years across the globe following some 6000 to 3000 years of peace, equality of the genders, reverence for nature and thousands of years of growth in life nurturing technologies that brought a lifestyle of happiness that held out last in Crete.  The quality of life that we can clearly read in the archeological remains is one of gender equality, shared wealth, and happiness expressed in exceptional art and architecture. As archeologist who saw the dig at Crete admit it was a quality of life that has not been experienced since.


We are at a point of global crisis in which the very source of physical life, nature – the Earth herself, and her life-giving processes are threatened with extinction, just as our current values have led to the extinction of thousands of life forms to date.

There are in our political system terms like ‘pro-life’ and ‘family values, ’ yet the policy decisions made by our government could not be more heavily weighted towards anti-life and anti-family.

We spend the wealth of the nation on war (killing life).  In our addictive fear we call it ‘defense’ even as tanks are now part of the weaponry of our local police throughout the country.  What are we defending that requires tanks as part of the arsenal of local police?

What society exhibits ‘family values’ by requiring mothers to leave behind their babies and return to work away from these newborns to ‘make a living’ and survive? Only a ‘sick’ depraved society would need mothers to abandon infants days after giving birth.  These sick, depraved values not only dishonor the sacred task of motherhood, but these anti-life values also threaten the whole of nature, and it’s innate maternal qualities.  We refer to ‘Mother Nature,’ but our actions and decisions as a society are doing everything possible to kill the mother in women and nature.

The so-called “Women’s Liberation’ movement did make some much-needed progress towards gender equality but at a high cost paid by mothers and children.  Now women find they need to do two jobs instead of one.  They need to be mothers and be working, often professional women. These dual responsibilities are highly stressful and often impossible to succeed at.  Our children pay the price deeply by the abandonment they experience.  We are just beginning to see the social fallout from this societal shift as the first generation of abandoned children start to come of age.  The crisis of depression and anxiety among teenager is now epidemic.


We need to shift towards a truly pro-life value system.  Where the qualities of nurturance and support of children, mothers, and every citizen and quality of nature would be at the forefront of where we invest our wealth, resources, intelligence, and education.

This value system was what our ancient, peaceful ancestors epitomized in their adoration of the Great Mother Goddess because we are so indoctrinated in the hierarchy it has taken time for the realization to come home that the culture of the Great Mother Goddess was not matriarchal.

Healthy mothers do not view children as less than themselves, subject to their dominance.  They see their children and by extension other members of the family, humanity and nature itself as deserving of nurturance, love, support and empowerment of the unique potential of each being. It was these values that led to a culture of shared wealth, happiness, love of nature and art as epitomized in Crete the likes of which we haven’t experienced since.  It follows that such values could re-establish peace, equality, and a safe, thriving planet.


The art of the Paleolithic and Neolithic times is beautiful, so body based and adoring of animals and plants it is clear how our early ancestors revered the life-giving processes of Nature.

How to we return to such values?  The political journey in that direction is daunting, to say the least.  Not that it shouldn’t be attempted.

Just as it seems that for our earliest ancestors life was fully an expression of their values.  I feel we most start within ourselves to a deep reverence for life in all of its expressions and forms.  For me, this means examining the ways I have internalized our current culture and making the fundamental shift to genuinely valuing life int all its forms and expressions.

I notice in looking at the reproductions of the goddess figurines of that early culture; I am somewhat uncomfortable with the explicit portrayal of the female genitalia.  It is clear how much they revered the body’s sexual organs as the means of reproduction.  What is it in me that has added other meanings, debased meanings to this part of my body?  This is a question I need to spend some time with, as well as other internalized life degrading attitudes and beliefs.


In terms of actions that are in alignment with the values that honor life I am encouraged that so many younger couples are expressing that in their profound partnerships as they raise families.  Family Values can be taken to its true meaning of love, connection, and compassion for each and all family members.  Unfortunately, this seems too rare these days as family bonds are often troubled leaving much room for improvement.  Finally honoring nature, bonding with its various forms and expressions in our lives is a great step towards peace.  Who doesn’t experience deep peace in the presence of Nature?

If you question the sources of some of the information I have shared about our ancient ancestors, you can visit these sources as a start:

  • The various works of Marija Gimbutas – The Language of the Goddess; Civilization of the Goddess in particular
  • The Chalice & the Blade by Riane Eisler
  • The film series by Cinema Canada entitled Women and Spirituality: the Goddess Trilogy

A Gift- True Story of the Power of Love

As the days grow lighter here in the northern hemisphere and darker in the southern hemisphere, it is a tradition of give gifts.

So I am giving you the gift in the form of a story that has moved me deeply over the years.  It is a story about a Jewish man, but not Jewish man in the Christmas Story……… or is it?

It is an excerpt from the book, Return from Tomorrow by George Ritchie.

It is a surprising love story.

A true story about the real power of love.

“When the war in Europe ended in May 1945, the 123rd Evac entered Germany with the occupying troops.   I was part of a group assigned to a concentration camp near Wuppertal, charged with getting medical help to the newly liberated prisoners, many of the Jews from Holland, France, and Eastern Europe.  This was the most shattering experience I had yet had; I had been exposed many times by then to sudden death and injury, but to see the effect of slow starvation, to walk through those barracks where thousands of men had died a little bit at a time over a period of years, was a new kind of horror.  For many it was an irreversible process:  we lost scores each day in spite of all the medicine and food we could rush to them.

Now I needed my new insight indeed. When the ugliness became too great to handle I did what I had learned to do. I went from one end to the other of that barbed wire enclosure looking into men’s faces until I saw looking back at me the face of Christ.

And that’s how I came to know Wild Bill Cody.  “That wasn’t his real name.  His real name was seven unpronounceable syllables in Polish, but he had long drooping handlebar mustaches like pictures of the old western hero, so the American soldiers called him Wild Bill.  He was one of the inmates of the concentration camp, but obviously he hadn’t been there long; his posture was erect, his eyes bright, his energy indefatigable.  Since he was fluent in English, French, German and Russian, as well as Polish, he became a kind of unofficial camp translator.

“We came to him with all sorts of problems; the paper work alone was staggering in attempting to relocate people whose families, even whole hometowns, might have disappeared.   But though Wild Bill worked fifteen and sixteen hours a day, he showed no signs of weariness.  While the rest of us were drooping with fatigue, he seemed to gain strength.

‘We have time for this old fellow,’ he’d say.  ‘He’s been waiting to see us all day.’  His compassion for his fellow- prisoners glowed on his face, and it was to this glow that I came when my own spirits were low.

“So I was astonished to learn when Wild Bill’s own papers came before us one day that had been in Wuppertal since 1939!   For six years he had lived on the same starvation diet, slept in the same airless and disease-ridden barracks as everyone else, but without the least physical or mental deterioration.

“Perhaps even more amazing, every group in the camp looked on him as a friend.  He was the one to whom quarrels between inmates were brought for arbitration.  Only after I’d been at Wuppertal a number of weeks did I realize what a rarity this was in a compound where the different nationalities of prisoners hated each other almost as much as they did the Germans.

“As for the Germans, feeling against them ran so high that in some of the camps liberated earlier, former prisoners had seized guns, run into the nearest village and simply shot the first Germans they saw.   Part of our instructions was to prevent this kind of thing and again Wild Bill was our greatest asset, reasoning with the different groups counseling forgiveness.

“‘It’s not easy for some of them to forgive.’ I commented to him one day as we sat over mugs of tea in the processing center. ‘So many of them have lost members of their families.’

“Wild Bill leaned back in the upright chair and sipped at his drink. ‘We lived in the Jewish section of Warsaw,’ he began slowly, the first words I had heard him speak about himself, ‘my wife, our two daughters, and our three little boys.  When the Germans reached our street they lined everyone against a wall and opened up with machine guns.  I begged to be allowed to die with my family, but because I spoke German they put me in a work group.’

“He paused, perhaps seeing again his wife and five children, ‘ I had to decide right then,’ he continued, ‘whether to let myself hate the soldiers who had done this.  It was an easy decision, really.  I was a lawyer.  In my practice I had seen too often what hate could do to people’s minds and bodies.  Hate had just killed the six people who mattered most to me in the world.  I decided then that I would spend the rest of my life – whether it was a few days or many years – loving every person I came in contact with’

“Loving every person…  This was the power that had kept a man well in the face of every privation.”


Time to Face Reality: Time to Own the Power of Your Love

Awakening ©1988

Awakening ©1988

Hearing the news of the past week, I was deeply disturbed by the horrific, deadly attacks in Paris. Even more disturbing have been the political reactions to that news with one exception.

The exception was a report I heard on National Public Radio. I can’t remember the name of the person. He is someone who has studied close at hand for the last 15 years,  terrorism and its successful efforts to recruit young people as soldiers and suicide bombers.

In the interview with him, he expressed his great disappointment. He went on to explain that it is not “rocket science” how these movements recruit young men and women into their ranks and how utterly lacking the leadership has been to do something about it.

It was a relief in a way to hear one voice of sanity in the midst of all the chaos of political insanity. This man pointed out that the reason these movements can recruit young people is that these young people have no better options: options like education; jobs; financial viability, and social inclusion.

These young people are looking for purpose and these movements give them a purpose, however insane, a purpose that addresses their deep disappointments in their life. It is still something they can dedicate themselves to, something they can be included in, not isolated from, which speaks to how much they are looking for a purpose and something to be part of.

If we as Western cultures provided them with a meaningful purpose that was supported by opportunities in education and social, spiritual and emotional empowerment with a meaningful community, we could end terrorism.

However, that is not what the political hierarchies are pointing towards or asking for. They are just intent on more division, fear, and deadly attacks, providing more examples of how meaningless and purposeless our culture has become.

After hearing this one voice of sanity it occurred to me, on one hand how insane are the governors and candidates who are calling for isolationism, ‘keep the Syrians out of our country because buried in them there might be one terrorist.’

Well, what is clear is that the internet can reach all, everywhere.  Through the world wide web, people are being radicalized whatever their nationality, wherever they are. Radicalization is not hindered by strong national borders. Even without Islamic radicalism, in our country, there are more and more mass shootings by young men who suffer the same alienation as those radicalized to Islam but without that religious connotation.

People like the young man who shot the nine black people in the prayer meeting in Charlestown earlier this year. His ‘religion’ was white supremacy. But the cause was the same and the fundamental needs behind terrorism. That cause that no one in leadership is addressing is the lack of high quality education, opportunites for meaninful, purposeful social connection and the opportunity to be productive, creative and financially effective.

Unfortunately we fail to make our own children a priority with our inability to give parental leave after childbirth.  So right from birth, babies are not a priority. It continues from there. Children are not a priority. Young people are not a priority.

Our educational system is in ruin for lack of funding. When public education was set up in this country, it was funded by property tax because the greatest wealth of our country at that time was in agriculture and property was the capital of agriculture. Now property tax is simply another tax on families and homes, for the most part, just burdening families and children further.

The real wealth of this country now is in corporations. What would make sense and would be aligned with the original thinking about education is a great tax on corporations that funded education directly. So It wouldn’t be dependent on bake sales to try to meet its needs.

Then perhaps we could attract brilliant teachers with the salaries they deserve. Then perhaps our educational system would serve every one of our children with the best possible resources and would continue through college as needed in these times.

If we made that commitment as a country, to make children and young people and their needs a priority, we could stop radical terrorism and mass shootings in all forms in their tracks. Unfortunately, we are far from such a commitment. So I expect that mass killings and terrorism are with us for the foreseeable future.

So another approach is needed that is dependent on each of us, who can find it in ourselves to take responsibility for the epidemic craziness of the culture in which we live.

For on the deeper reality, the violence we are witnessing is the outward projection of the violence we tolerate within ourselves in the form of our egos and false identities. In each moment we make a choice to love that person in front of us or not. We choose to either judge that person in front of us and simultaneously ourselves, as unworthy, or to forgive and honor both ourselves and them, at that moment or not.

This moment to moment choice contributes to the dynamic reality of the Oneness within which we are all embedded. Our moment to moment energetic contribution to that Oneness is our responsibility. We can wake up to it and our essential purpose in life or not. The choice is ours, and each of us makes that choice in every moment.

This is what has come home to me this week in a way that is deeper and more profound, less intellectual and more heartfelt than ever before.

The real power of each of our souls is Love. It begins with honoring ourselves deeply enough to Realize, Live and Act from That Love. It is easy to be mesmerized into believing falsely that such interior actions are powerless to affect something so seemingly powerful as terrorism. Challenging this lie within ourselves may be the most important action of our lifetime.The roots of terrorism and mass shootings is our collective abandonment of children and young people. Providing them with education, purpose and a means of being positive, productive and creative is the solution. It starts with each of us and the Power of our Love.


When we allow the fear of the ego mind or false identity to live in us, it creates the illusion of aloneness, the very opposite of what we most want.

Love of Existence is All Around Us

Love of Existence is All Around Us

When we have the courage to open to the expanded reality that supports our existence, we are visible and connected with everything.  We are seen and loved by Existence itself. Everything about us is instantly transparent and visible to the immense consciousness of Existence. Of course this is true whether we open to it or acknowledge it.

However, the ego or false identity is exceedingly uncomfortable with this level of transparency and intimacy. Its own self attack believes in an unworthiness that is intolerant of being seen. It believes its own self judgment, a self-judgment that it is also highly defended against at the same time. The ego mind or false identity is enmeshed in the constant duality of good and bad, or self-assertion and self-attack. It is always shifting between the inner rebel and the inner judge.

In its fearful defensive stance it has walled itself off from the fundamental primordial love that the Existence has for us all. That love, the very basis of all Existence is patiently waiting for us to truly receive it. It is waiting for us to recognize our true selves, our essential being, our place in this family of living, loving Existence.

Our soul, our true Self is ever hungry for that experience of love,  that spaciousness, blissful peace and freedom from the noise-filled trap of the repetitive thinking ego-mind.

It is an irony that the fear of our false identity keeps us from the very thing that we most want. It keeps us from receiving the love of all of existence. To receive that love we need to allow ourselves to be received, to be fully received as who we truly are as our Soul. As long as we go along with the pretense of being this illusory self of the small ego, we keep up a wall of defense against a very love that we are so want.

We just need to let in the beauty that is all around us.

During yesterday’s, Come and Receive Day, after lunch we were sitting on the deck. As the teaching began I felt all of us open to our Soul, that silent expanded state of connection with everything. Suddenly to the surprise of some of us, a bird flew right through us very close within a few inches of the heads of a several of us.

It felt completely natural and was a bit surprising. Surprising because it’s so rare for a bird to feel safe enough to come so very close to a human being. I’m sure that bird lives in the spacious, wordless, alert consciousness of the Existence.  In that moment, it felt safe because it didn’t detect the noise of our illusory minds, which to the bird’s alert consciousness is like a siren alarm warning it of toxic mental energy to avoid.

In the silent presence in which we were enmeshed in that moment, the bird felt a natural safety coming so close to us. This is physical demonstration of how when we drop our mental chatter, drop our judgmental duality, when we drop our fear – a deep connection is instantly available.

Coming from the presence of inner silence doesn’t mean that we have to be physically quiet. In fact, I was speaking at the time it happened and I was one to who that the bird came closest too, but what I was saying was coming from my Soul, not my ego mind. That bird came so close because it sensed inside of us a deep primordial stillness, vibrant with life, that the bird recognized as the vibration of love.  What else would explain its behavior in that moment?

In fact it was a kind of culmination to what I had noticed throughout the day that there were an unusual number of birds singing, flying about, actively engaged, all around us as the teaching was happening.



The Courage and Honesty to Trust Our Soul

was the theme of yesterday’s COME AND RECEIVE DAY.  It was a beautiful day in all dimensions. There was a very receptive openess among those who came. It seemed to draw through a strength of teaching that was quite different from past ‘rest stops.’

Downpour of Love © 2013

So I thought I would share here some of what came through.

 The theme that announced itself the night before the day began was:

Finding the Courage and Honesty to live our life from the inside out; coming from our Soul and our Soul’s guidance and letting it create and attract our outer life; rather than strategizing from the outside to create a satisfying life.

Another angle on it is – seeking the real pleasure and bliss experience inside ourselves, rather than seeking ease, pleasure and satisfaction from life’s circumstances.

Heart Chakra Energy Study #2 © 2002

To trust what is really in support of our Eternal Soul, rather than the agendas of the false identity or the ego mind, takes courage, honesty and discernment. Trusting what supports our Soul is what we are actually here for. Yet, as I look out at the suffering in the world, it is evident how rare that courage and discernment is. I see a whole society that is headlong invested in the agendas of the ego mind.

We are encouraged to trust in our thinking, those repetitive thoughts that are enmeshed in  the right and wrong duality of the ego mind. That is why it takes courage, honesty and discernment to trust the deeper awareness in our heart and Soul. Where do we find that courage, honesty and discernment?

When we drop our consciousness into that deep well of silence so palpable in the warmth of our heart and let it expand out beyond our body into the energy field of our Soul, we will find the truly trustworthy guidance of the Enlightenment Transmission. Finding it is one thing; trusting, is another.

I experienced the Enlightenment Transmission, without calling it that, numerous times in my life without trusting it more than for a moment or maybe two, until I met Dave Oshana, my enlightened teacher who embodies it fully.

Since then often Dave has known and pointed out to me what I truly wanted before I was willing to trust my heart enough to discern it myself. It’s been 13 years now since we met.  I am much closer to finding it within, and trusting it now. I would’ve come to this level of trust without the personal teaching relationship with Dave, showing It to me repeatedly. I finally am able to see it more clearly within myself.

And that’s the point -It is WITHIN me. I may want to point to Dave, but really what he does is point right back at me. That’s what makes him a truly trustworthy teacher, which is so rare. So many teachers I followed before Dave only pointed to themselves. It  can be uncomfortable to have Dave point back to me.  His ‘pointing’ is never judgemental, but it does expose what is inside of me.  Something the ego-mind is usually not comfortable with, that pointing to what is inside of me is so precious and invaluable to my Soul.

Heart Chakra Study #5 ©2002

It is a profound gift to learn to wait in that silence, to feel the relaxation or you might call it the surrender into the peace where the truth and real self-honesty can be found.

It seems that this experience is not for everyone, but I sure can’t help wishing and praying that it was for everyone. I can’t help praying that everyone- every human being- experienced this peace and joy inside themselves.

Even as we are a long way from that being reality I somehow feel that it is inevitable, only God knows how.

It definitely is an act of courage to trust in that vast consciousness that is beyond the illusory ego mind. As we realize this we are able to see that the illusory fear is not our friend and we benefit from looking past it to what is on offer from  our Soul, existance and the Enlightenment Transmission.

Shifting to a logistical note – So many of you expressed interest in coming to this Come and Receive Day but couldn’t because of other important commitments to family etc.  In the future I am planning to move the days to the last SUNDAY of the month, in hopes that it may make it easier for some of you to arrange to come.  So the days for the rest of the year will be as follows:

  • September 27
  • October 25
  • November 29
  • December 27



The Blessing of No-Mind

One of the blessings of the Enlightenment Transmission is what is sometimes called no mind. For me that name doesn’t begin to describe the benefits of this amazing state of beingness.  I think it is what most people seek in their efforts to meditate.

Before I met Dave Oshana I’d learned a number of meditation techniques. However all of my attempts at meditation were agonizing.

Now so often during the day all thought is gone. In its place is a spaciousness and emptiness that is vast, reassuring, rich, dynamic and fully alert.

Remember in first meeting with Dave somehow occurred to me to asking the question “do you think?” I’ll never forget his response. It was so casual and relaxed. “Yes, it’s like clouds in the sky. They just pass through. I don’t attached anything.”

At that time I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about. Yet now so often throughout the day that is exactly my experience. Sometimes, in fact quite often, the inner sky is near cloudless.

Sometimes the Inner Sky is cloudless.....

Sometimes the Inner Sky is near cloudless…..

When I say the inner sky is cloudless the experience I’m attempting to describe is one of deep peace and vibrant aliveness. In it my awareness is free of that small mental box of the mind. In its freedom it expands into an indescribable vastness. I feel so amazingly fortunate to receive this experience. It is one of the sweet, sweet gifts of the Enlightenment Transmission in my life.

As I look out in the world, I see so much suffering as a result of the attachment to the mind and its infinite myriad of concepts and beliefs.  I know it is considered normal even important to think and to believe those thoughts and concepts we entertain.

However when I was constantly thinking that thinking was repetitive and my awareness was trapped in a limited mental space that replaced my actual experience of real-life, my ability to be present to my life as it happened. You could say some thoughts and beliefs are good and some are bad.  Perhaps that is so but in my experience none of them are anything like the real experience of life as it is happening when attachment to thinking is gone and my awareness meets reality.  I am present an immersed in life.  In that experience information sometime arises out of the silence that is exactly what I need to engage with life.

Often these days I forget what day it is. It’s not a real forgetfulness. It happens because my experience of days is so different than it used to be. My awareness is so present to what happens within the scope of the day. It’s like the day has expanded to such a larger reality.

Before when I lived in a more conceptual reality or you might say: an illusory reality, those concepts were like brakes on the whole time, preventing the flow of life that now carries me with much less resistance through the day from one event or interaction to another without any stories of how it should be different or that there are certain limitations to what can happen.

This experience of freedom from the mental cage is basically a sweet blissfulness.  This is the experience that is on offer from the Enlightenment Transmission.  Come and Receive it either directly from Dave or from this Grandmother at my Come and Receive Days, or through coaching or counseling or it the monthly Meet Ups at the New Church in Portland, ME.

Freedom from Duality – Freedom from the Source of Anxiety

I woke up this morning in a state of beingness. It was so pleasurable. I realized that before the Enlightenment Transmission entered my life, I lived in a constant state of anxiety. I was very opinionated. I believed in my opinion of what was right and wrong. These beliefs had me trapped in a constant duality that created ongoing anxiety moment to moment to moment.

I realize now I live in such a different reality. I wouldn’t say that every trace of anxiety and its causal belief of right and wrong is gone. But it is much more minimal, leaving large areas of my life in which there is such profound peace and pleasure.

Don’t misunderstand me here. It is easy to assume that if being opinionated is anxiety producing, then I must give all my perceptions. Nothing is further from the truth. I think Rumi stated it well when he said “there is a field beyond all right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

How I experience it now is, my life is anchored to a large degree in freedom.  By that I mean free among other ‘things’ from attachment to opinions. I can find the freedom to just be present to what is real in a given moment. That freedom is anchored in an inner stillness that is dynamic, alert, present and engaged in my life.

Radiant Mandala ©.2002

Radiant Mandala ©.2002

There really no words to quite describe the pleasure of this beingness that I am referring to. It is calm, present, and free to be fully immersed in life. All duality is dissolved. The peace and pleasure of this experience is on offer. When the Enlightenment Transmission entered my life with consistency it was that simple. I simply needed to open to being present to it when it was on offer. Through that simple effort it has grown in my life showing me who I truly am, grounding me in the experience of the true self. That is the security that defies any anxiety. In that experience there is a wholeness that defies all duality.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t perceive what is harmful in the world. I do but I’m not attached to entering into a fight with it that is painful to both. Instead I find a compassion for the suffering that is based in a love that is unconditional. Does it mean that I won’t speak and voice my perception? The reality is I am more able to voice it very clearly without reaction or agenda. In doing so I’m actually often much more effective.