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Experiences of the Earth Mother’s Love for Us and how we are nourished and embraced within the Family of Life.

Are we a Pro-Life or a Anti-Life Culture? How long will we deny the Source of Peace?

  • I awoke this morning receiving a message.  For years I have learned to pay attention to the messages I receive when I awaken.  This one felt exceptionally essential.

The main thrust of the message was the importance of valuing of life in ways our current culture and society has lost.

These values were lost about 3000 years ago when hierarchy, dominance, fear, control and war began to permeate human culture.

It wasn’t always so. I hope we will return to our distant ancestral values before we destroy sustainable life on the planet.

Our ancient ancestors’ values as now revealed through archeological digs, slowly being reinterpreted to show their truth in deep contrast to prevailing myths and beliefs.

Our early ancestors did not believe that a daughter spring to life out of the head of her father, as Athena was converted to claim.  Nor would our ancient ancestors have found it believable that the mother of humanity, Eve, was created out of the rib of her consort, Adam.  These are the stories of the more recent 3000 years of war, hierarchy, patriarchy, fear, power over and suppression of the maternal feminine, diversity and above all else nature itself.

This disastrous shift that took place over several thousand years across the globe following some 6000 to 3000 years of peace, equality of the genders, reverence for nature and thousands of years of growth in life nurturing technologies that brought a lifestyle of happiness that held out last in Crete.  The quality of life that we can clearly read in the archeological remains is one of gender equality, shared wealth, and happiness expressed in exceptional art and architecture. As archeologist who saw the dig at Crete admit it was a quality of life that has not been experienced since.


We are at a point of global crisis in which the very source of physical life, nature – the Earth herself, and her life-giving processes are threatened with extinction, just as our current values have led to the extinction of thousands of life forms to date.

There are in our political system terms like ‘pro-life’ and ‘family values, ’ yet the policy decisions made by our government could not be more heavily weighted towards anti-life and anti-family.

We spend the wealth of the nation on war (killing life).  In our addictive fear we call it ‘defense’ even as tanks are now part of the weaponry of our local police throughout the country.  What are we defending that requires tanks as part of the arsenal of local police?

What society exhibits ‘family values’ by requiring mothers to leave behind their babies and return to work away from these newborns to ‘make a living’ and survive? Only a ‘sick’ depraved society would need mothers to abandon infants days after giving birth.  These sick, depraved values not only dishonor the sacred task of motherhood, but these anti-life values also threaten the whole of nature, and it’s innate maternal qualities.  We refer to ‘Mother Nature,’ but our actions and decisions as a society are doing everything possible to kill the mother in women and nature.

The so-called “Women’s Liberation’ movement did make some much-needed progress towards gender equality but at a high cost paid by mothers and children.  Now women find they need to do two jobs instead of one.  They need to be mothers and be working, often professional women. These dual responsibilities are highly stressful and often impossible to succeed at.  Our children pay the price deeply by the abandonment they experience.  We are just beginning to see the social fallout from this societal shift as the first generation of abandoned children start to come of age.  The crisis of depression and anxiety among teenager is now epidemic.


We need to shift towards a truly pro-life value system.  Where the qualities of nurturance and support of children, mothers, and every citizen and quality of nature would be at the forefront of where we invest our wealth, resources, intelligence, and education.

This value system was what our ancient, peaceful ancestors epitomized in their adoration of the Great Mother Goddess because we are so indoctrinated in the hierarchy it has taken time for the realization to come home that the culture of the Great Mother Goddess was not matriarchal.

Healthy mothers do not view children as less than themselves, subject to their dominance.  They see their children and by extension other members of the family, humanity and nature itself as deserving of nurturance, love, support and empowerment of the unique potential of each being. It was these values that led to a culture of shared wealth, happiness, love of nature and art as epitomized in Crete the likes of which we haven’t experienced since.  It follows that such values could re-establish peace, equality, and a safe, thriving planet.


The art of the Paleolithic and Neolithic times is beautiful, so body based and adoring of animals and plants it is clear how our early ancestors revered the life-giving processes of Nature.

How to we return to such values?  The political journey in that direction is daunting, to say the least.  Not that it shouldn’t be attempted.

Just as it seems that for our earliest ancestors life was fully an expression of their values.  I feel we most start within ourselves to a deep reverence for life in all of its expressions and forms.  For me, this means examining the ways I have internalized our current culture and making the fundamental shift to genuinely valuing life int all its forms and expressions.

I notice in looking at the reproductions of the goddess figurines of that early culture; I am somewhat uncomfortable with the explicit portrayal of the female genitalia.  It is clear how much they revered the body’s sexual organs as the means of reproduction.  What is it in me that has added other meanings, debased meanings to this part of my body?  This is a question I need to spend some time with, as well as other internalized life degrading attitudes and beliefs.


In terms of actions that are in alignment with the values that honor life I am encouraged that so many younger couples are expressing that in their profound partnerships as they raise families.  Family Values can be taken to its true meaning of love, connection, and compassion for each and all family members.  Unfortunately, this seems too rare these days as family bonds are often troubled leaving much room for improvement.  Finally honoring nature, bonding with its various forms and expressions in our lives is a great step towards peace.  Who doesn’t experience deep peace in the presence of Nature?

If you question the sources of some of the information I have shared about our ancient ancestors, you can visit these sources as a start:

  • The various works of Marija Gimbutas – The Language of the Goddess; Civilization of the Goddess in particular
  • The Chalice & the Blade by Riane Eisler
  • The film series by Cinema Canada entitled Women and Spirituality: the Goddess Trilogy


It is such a special time of year.  In modern life styles it is easy to lose sight of how special a time it is.  We seldom hear Morris Dancers coming through our lands and gardens celebrating the awakening of life all around us.  So this cyber message is my celebration of the beauty that is everywhere these days.  In these gardens Peter and I are privileged to care for and which reward us so richly, these images capture a bit of the special sights we are blessed with each day.

Come celebrate with us on Saturday, May 17th for the May Rest Stop For The Soul, Coming Home To Our Earth Family, there is still some room left.  This Rest Stop is especially for honoring the Earth and her/our family of life and all the relationships that support us.

Here are some beds from the upper garden with Lettuce, Kale, Parsley and Dill basking in sun light.

Isn’t this Lettuce seedling so beautiful, such an innocent energy!

In the lawn the sweet, sweet Spring Beauties look out with such intentness.

The May Flowers appear seemingly over night!!

I love the little grape Hyacinth and their sweet aroma.

I love how the Earth provides us with the perennial sources of food way ahead of the annual fruits.
Here is Sorrel, such a tender green, with its lovely lemony flavor, providing fresh greens already!

And Lovage already so tall and providing flavor for soups and salads, as well as green smoothies

From here the Lovage almost looks like a bush in the middle of the lower garden,
with the beds of Garlic further down the hill.

Here we see the Garlic in the foreground looking up the hill.

Here is the Garlic close up, doing wonderfully.

Here is the other side of the lower garden with Carrots just planted in the top bed and
Onion seedlings going in in the third bed down with Leeks to following bed,
and Cranberries in the next one down.  Other beds await potatoes, beans and squash.
Each living seed has its preference for soil temperature, soil chemistry and planting time.

And lovely Chives, It is really a nice fresh touch in green smoothies.

and what a delight to see that the Sweet Cicely wintered over and is showing its aromatic head.

And of course the hardy Rhubarb is putting out its sensuous probing stems and leaves.

The Asparagus is already pushing up!

As well as the Peas, that spring up so sprightly!  I love how alive and new born they appear!.

The Magnolia is holding its bud in anticipation!

The pear tree is more modest in its buds.

In the foreground to the left a small Pear Tree, in the center a Crab Apple
tree silhouetted against the pines, its tiny buds glistening in the sunshine.

The Peach tree, buds a glistening against the pines.

This is the yard from which we enjoy the garden around us and
where we meet for Rest Stops for the Soul.

This is the upper garden now, awaiting Tomatoes, Peppers, Broccoli and more herbs.

What a blessing this amazing Earth is in her many blessings of beauty and royal food for both body and soul.

To Breathe, a Miracle, a Sweet Mystery

The Breath, to breathe, to ATTEND FULLY to it happening is SO AMAZING!  To be aware of the AIR moving in and then moving out, to JUST ATTEND, with no effort to change or alter it.  JUST AWARENESS OF IT HAPPENING.  It changes on its own, becomes fuller, deeper.  The whole body is a wave as it happens, softly, deeply massaging every part of the substance I refer to as ‘my’ body.  In that moment there is no comprehension of ‘my’.

These very molecules of AIR, moving in and out of ‘my’ body in this moment have done this same exchange in another moment with every other living thing on earth throughout all time.  So intimate.  Moving in and out of all those living bodies, so close to every soul.  The movement, the rhythm, AWARENESS, energy moving, waves of energy suddenly sending a leg spontaneously into involuntary movement, jerking, letting go, relaxing deeper. Again the energy builds, the leg jerks, again yet deeper relaxation.  Again!  SUCH SWEETNESS!

Maternal Goddess


In the summer on the farm in Michigan where I grew up, my daily summer ritual was watching the sunrise on days I was able to awake in time, and most evenings watching the sunset. As the sun moved towards the horizon I would, ride my pony up to the little rise behind the barn and watch the sunset over the fields and elm lined fence rows to the west.  The still beauty of the endless Michigan sky turning red as the sun descended would fill me with a deep pervasive quiet – a quiet that would ease and erase the angst of the day.

Here in Maine the sky is not endless, the Pines, Oaks and Maples reach into it, receiving it intimately into their embrace.  So the sunrise and sunset are accessed through ’Zen view’ windows held amidst their branches.  Yet the sun holds me close at some point each day, catching my eye, beaming the loving warmth into my heart.  I give thanks to the Mighty Grandfather in his loving dance with the mother Earth.

The Sun is the source of the fire that warms me at my core.  It makes possible all growth and movement. In this way it is the basic determiner of creation on this planet.  It is a vast nuclear power.  Yet, it is so gentle like the warmth of a loved ones body.  I light a fire in the wood stove in the winter and in the ceremonial circle in the summer.   I love to watch how the fire relates and responds to the gift of the earth’s fuel, the air available and the dryness or dampness present.  They play together with such sensitivity, such responsiveness – always in relationship. Such a teacher.

There is a lot of fear of fire in our culture.  We are so controlling of it we have few opportunities to learn from it or even to witness how relational and responsive it is.  I am grateful for the years of country living that have given me the chance to witness and commune with an open fire, where I access that same peaceful place in myself that I found as a child at sunset and sunrise.

Then there is the inner fire, the light of our energy body, our true Self.

I love this Prayer from St. Germain.  It feels like a doorway to the inner Sun.

I AM a Child of the Light.



I LIVE in the LIGHT.

I AM protected, illuminated, supplied and sustained

by the LIGHT.


-St. Germain from Unveiled Mysteries by Godfrey Ray King


Angel of Peace & Abundance ©1993 by Maryanna Bock

Surrounding our new home in the mid-coast of ME, when we moved here in 2005, was a jungle of neglect. Overgrown with junipers thirty feet in diameter, blackberry brambles 7 feet tall and tangled blankets of bittersweet vines bringing wild cherry trees to their demise.

Standing seemingly apart from this impenetrable chaos was a venerable old apple tree that stood on one side of the driveway that leads to our home, which sits back from the road.

On the other side of the driveway already blanketed with aggressive bittersweet vines was another mature but not elderly apple tree. Both had been neglected along with everything else on the property during the decade or more that the house had been rented out. Priorities within the house the first few years kept us too occupied to give much serious care to the grounds.
But that old venerable apple tree caught the attention of my son, Brian, who has a soft spot in his heart for old apple trees, like the one he played in as a child. He offered to prune it. I was delighted with his offer, since he has a special ‘touch’ with the plant beings .

His enthusiasm in pruning the old tree was expansive.  As he himself noted, he may have sent it into something of a shock as he cleared away not only dead wood but enough branches so that a bird could easily fly through the tree, an old measure of a well pruned fruit tree.

He transformed it into a life-sized bonsai of beautiful form and presence. I was inspired to go to the garden center and get the appropriate fertilizer to feed it with. The old grandmother tree sent out an abundance of new growth the following year. But neither it nor the still neglected, grown daughter across the driveway produced any fruit that second year.

Last spring, Brian pruned the other apple tree, creating another beautiful living sculpture in our yard. But my medical adventures last year occupied my energy, so that I did not follow his pruning with fertilizer for that tree.

Nonetheless last year both trees produced a bumper crop of apples. The apples on the old grandmother tree were large and tasty, either fresh or baked, and relatively free of worms or blight. The abundance of apples on the tree that I had not fertilized, were puny, covered with blight and infested with worms.

My attention gravitated to the old tree and her large, abundant apples. My 18-month-old granddaughter Theona and I had great fun picking up the ‘falls’, gathering them into baskets mine, large and her’s, small.

I even found an extendable apple-picking tool at the local farm and garden center. With this apple picker, after Peter adapted it in his Yankee ingenuity style, I could reach even the highest apples while still standing on the earth.

While delighting in this windfall of abundance from the old mother tree, I would glance occasionally across the driveway at the other tree. I felt regret over my neglect of the younger tree. I promised it and myself that I would clear away all those rotten apples into the compost, before snowfall, to minimize the growth of parasites and to fertilize it the following spring.

I did pick up all the bad apples around grandma apple tree that fall. But I never got around to clearing the other tree of its many rotten apples both on the ground and many still hanging from its branches.

Each time I glanced toward it as the snows began to fall, I felt a pang of regret, of failure to care for it properly.

Early one January morning during the recent thaw, I looked out the window and caught sight of a robin in flight. Following his flight path, I saw him land in the ‘other’ apple tree with all the rotten apples still hanging from it.

Then I noticed the tree was full of birds. There were even more birds covering the bare ground that had emerged after the few days of thaw had melted the couple of feet of snow we had accumulated.

So many birds! I suddenly realized they were all Robins! There were at least 25 of them. They were all eating away on those apples I hadn’t cleared away! I had never seen so many Robins in one place ever in my life, very well in the middle of winter in Maine!

Suddenly what I have been seeing a ‘my’ failure to care for the tree, became part of a much larger plan of the family of Life. Caring for life became much bigger than my small agenda and viewpoint.

The perfection of the Mother Planet’s way of weaving everything together is beyond what I can fathom with my small perspective.

What I had seen as neglect on my part had provided for this gregarious gathering of feasting Robins. The sight of them opened up a larger sense of the life of that beautiful apple tree.

In that moment my life was once again relieved of its egocentric burden, as it so often is in the presence of the miraculous of Nature. My heart opened in Joy over these feasting Robins.

© 2008 by Maryanna Bock