Clients Describe Counseling with Maryanna

“Maryanna Bock is an amazing coach and counselor. She was able to listen and explain the issues and possible solutions in a judgment-free way. Her insights have really helped me.”-Dr. J. H., FL.


“Maryanna doesn’t just listen, but she hears more than I can hear my self. She’s able to share whatever it is I’m sharing and send it back in a way that allows me to understand with a new or different perspective. She shares solutions that stick and allow others to move forward. She has given me tools that allow me to continually find personal healing and explore my truth. ” – M.B., ME


 “Her guidance is open-minded, caring, and empowering.  I pray to see the good in others as she does.  That, I think is one of the most special gifts she offers.  Her  humor is where I find my deepest connection with her.  It instantly breaks though all the walls and judgments, everything and brings her, me and all beings together in love.  She helps me feel perfect. ”  -M. D., ME


“I worked with Maryanna and had some real breakthroughs. I can now re-enter situations (with my family especially) that were minefields before but which now are so much less charged and more loving.

I can tell others that when you work with Maryanna, you’ll receive a very experienced coach who takes real care to put herself aside for your benefit. I’ve found this quality, and the consistency of it, to be unusual.

With me, Maryanna tended not to ‘advise’ too much but rather to let my unconscious conditioning arise naturally into my greater awareness. However if that wasn’t really happening; if my mind was vacillating too much, Maryanna would drop in a sentence or two that acted like a scythe, cutting through the confusion. But all with love. And laughter!”  Michelle, Australia


” I ‘found’ Maryanna when I was feeling so fragile, broken and unsure of the world beneath my feet. Funny– many people thought I was handling all the happenings in my life quite well but inside I felt like a quivering bowl of jelly!

“She is a gifted therapist, a person who assists people in finding their way –  their unique individual path and she is one of the least judgmental people I know.  In her home-office I always felt so accepted and safe– and hopeful, which is HUGE.

“She radiates positive energy, has a great sense of humor.

“Like the Velveteen Rabbit I was in desperate need of someone to gently stitch me back up and put the stuffing back in.   I have her to thank for that. I am stronger, wiser and much more hopeful and she played an integral role in this evolution.” – D. S., ME


“I have found an inner core of my true self to return to that I never had before – a really truthful place that is very me. I can go ‘home’ to this ‘place’ inside of myself wherever I am. She gives me exactly what I need at exactly the right time. She keeps right with me at my pace, which is awesome. She has such a loving nature, very human, grounded; always bringing it back to reality. Her listening brings me to where I need to be.” -Tania, Administrator, Portland, ME


“Maryanna has a huge compassionate stillness and presence – like a deep well. Working together I am able drop into myself and discover new depths of who I am.  She unwaveringly holds the space for me to do so, and provides insights that show me what is so true, yet I had not given myself permission to believe. Now in my work, I come from a place of greater knowingness and confidence. I am able to share this empowered place with others, which helps to empower them. My clients are more satisfied and enthusiastic with the work that I’m providing, and are seeing greater results. Thank you Maryanna.” -Alex, Thetford, VT.


“Maryanna is completely real, in touch with what matters to people and in the world, and is impeccable in what she does.” -Susan, UK


“I always love how present Maryanna is and how much she listens and how much she hears. She lives what she coaches, so I am able to shift to her resonance and gain a larger perspective. It feels instantaneous at times.” -Shivany, Canberra, Australia


“The tools Maryanna shares have brought me to a place of power that I never expected. My choices are no longer fear motivated. I now have the tools, the inner power and clarity to live a purposeful life from a place of love and self-expression.

I am more trusting my personal power and in touch with the life of spirit, which support me in making choices and living a life that reflects who I am and what I value. I’m really grateful for Maryanna’s presence, generosity of spirit, and the tools she shares to promote understanding and growth.” -Sharon, Santa Cruz, CA


“Maryanna is a powerful force of help.  I feel the joy of making headway when we communicate.  She has done more to help me know myself than any single person.  Maryanna listens from the heart and cares.  She is a wise woman.  Our times together make all the difference to me in life.  She’s given me the gift of learning how to care for myself.  I know of the pain, know the struggles, know the fears, yet with Maryanna’s help I am able to work past into a kingdom reserved for those who take the chance of leaping beyond.  Maryanna keeps the momentum flowing, with laughter and love.”- Gail C. AZ