This page is in process.  My oldest son Tully, suggested that I include some of my passions in my website.  Things like gardening, canning, cooking, making homemade chocolate etc.

He said it was part of my ‘brand.’  I don’t know about that.  But it sounded like fun.  So this is the beginning.  I will probably also add some of my more serious passions at some point too.  We shall see.  Below is a beginning outline of may thoughts of what I might include, so come back for more if you like the idea.  Grandmother Apple Tree is a live link now.  More Later

  • Cooking
    • Wholesome Delicious Food
    • Healthy Home Made Chocolate
  •  Canning
    • Pantry full of Home Canned Goods
  • Hand Work
    • Spinning
    • Knitting
    • “Home Making’ – Kitchen cabinets, Media cabinet
    • Christmas Tree decoration – the Christmas Star’s my dad made
    • Pottery – my past profession
    • Sculpture – past photos
  • Gardening
    • Favorite veggie varieties
    • Herbs
    • Flowers
  • Of Course, Painting
  • Family
    • Beloved Companion, Peter
    • Sons, granddaughters & daughter-in-love
  • Enlightenment Teacher,Dave