How to Re-Establish Peace on Earth – a Free Video Class – November 17th, 7pm ET

This my fourth and final free video class this fall.  Please join me.  The previously announced title for this class was:

“Self-Love” or “Divine Love”

How do I get it and what does it mean?

I have changed it to:

‘How to Re-Establish Peace on Earth’

My teacher, Dave’s recent teaching about our ancestors, inspired me to return to reviewing the work of Marija Gimbutas, the archaeologist who devoted her life to the study of the prehistory Civilization of  Old Europe and interpreting its art and symbols.

Gimbutas’s hypothesis that the culture of old Europe was completely peaceful for at least 3000 years with a value system that honored nature, women, motherhood and equality of the sexes.  The temples and thousands of female figurines and plant and animal motifs in the art of these early people illustrate  – their respect for all aspects of the earth,  nature, and motherhood give us all with life.  It is no surprise to me that missing in the digs of these people are weapons and tools of war.

This hypothesis is disputed by most archaeologists, despite their acknowledgment of her extensive knowledge and experience.  Archeologists who accept her hypothesis point out that her critics just criticize her conclusions but don’t offer any evidence for their counter-theories, beyond saying that her hypothesis is too idyllic.

3600  BC Ggantija Temples on GOZO
millennium before the pyramids or stonehenge

This whole period of prehistory that Gimbutas explored is largely ignored.  It precedes the Indo-European invasions of the horse-riding, patriarchal, male god worshiping, warlike society from the  Russian Steppes.

I am deeply moved, contemplating this Unity of Values of these early people, part of our ancestry,  that points in a Life Honoring direction and away from the values of our culture: consumerism, money, competition, accumulating wealth, manipulating and exploiting nature, extinction of life forms and killing on all levels.

There is a unity in valuing  Nature, Equality, Women and Motherhood that inevitably creates respectful honoring of peace, children, nurturing, education, ecology, and organic life enhancing agriculture.  These values are the opposite of the values of our society and culture.

I think we would do well to explore how to bring these values to the fore in our personal lives to empower Peace and what is aligned with Peace into our lives and ultimately transform ourselves, our families, communities, our society – our country.

So I am making this topic – How to Re-Establish Peace on Earth – the subject of my next free Video Class, Thursday, Nov 17, at 7 PM EST.

The earlier proposed topic “Self-Love’ or ‘Divine Love ‘  -How do I get it and what does it mean?” is deeply related to How to Re-Establish Peace on Earth. This topic  goes  towards answering the question, ‘How do I get it (Love) and what does it mean?’


Please join me.

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