Freedom from Duality – Freedom from the Source of Anxiety

I woke up this morning in a state of beingness. It was so pleasurable. I realized that before the Enlightenment Transmission entered my life, I lived in a constant state of anxiety. I was very opinionated. I believed in my opinion of what was right and wrong. These beliefs had me trapped in a constant duality that created ongoing anxiety moment to moment to moment.

I realize now I live in such a different reality. I wouldn’t say that every trace of anxiety and its causal belief of right and wrong is gone. But it is much more minimal, leaving large areas of my life in which there is such profound peace and pleasure.

Don’t misunderstand me here. It is easy to assume that if being opinionated is anxiety producing, then I must give all my perceptions. Nothing is further from the truth. I think Rumi stated it well when he said “there is a field beyond all right and wrong. I will meet you there.”

How I experience it now is, my life is anchored to a large degree in freedom.  By that I mean free among other ‘things’ from attachment to opinions. I can find the freedom to just be present to what is real in a given moment. That freedom is anchored in an inner stillness that is dynamic, alert, present and engaged in my life.

Radiant Mandala ©.2002

Radiant Mandala ©.2002

There really no words to quite describe the pleasure of this beingness that I am referring to. It is calm, present, and free to be fully immersed in life. All duality is dissolved. The peace and pleasure of this experience is on offer. When the Enlightenment Transmission entered my life with consistency it was that simple. I simply needed to open to being present to it when it was on offer. Through that simple effort it has grown in my life showing me who I truly am, grounding me in the experience of the true self. That is the security that defies any anxiety. In that experience there is a wholeness that defies all duality.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t perceive what is harmful in the world. I do but I’m not attached to entering into a fight with it that is painful to both. Instead I find a compassion for the suffering that is based in a love that is unconditional. Does it mean that I won’t speak and voice my perception? The reality is I am more able to voice it very clearly without reaction or agenda. In doing so I’m actually often much more effective.

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