From Pain to Peace – The Surrender of Pride

From Pain to Expanded Peace – the SURRENDER OF Pride

O.K.  I was tweaked.  In fact I was fully triggered.  The noise between my ears was close to out of control.  I was holding on tight to my intentions!

No blame. It is not my fault, not their fault, be present, go for acceptance, what is, IS.  All these well used tools and techniques of conscious intention were keeping the triggered emotional body reined in to a slow and squirmy burn instead of an atomic bomb blitz.  Hours past and still the effort of being present to dissonance continued unabated.  All my efforts to control my ego, my mind were ineffective in regaining peace within.

Finally, I was brought to my ‘inner’ knees.  The realization struck that my ’spiritual’ ego was powerless to bring Peace, since its efforts were originating from a subtle place of pride.  The deviousness of the ego was exposed, once again.  It’s tactics of attacking me and everyone else on the one hand and then making the subtle shift to setting itself up as savior – thinking it has the ability to bring me peace-were exposed.

The realization of my powerlessness dawned and with it came sweet, sweet surrender.  Instantaneously I was plummeted into Peace the moment I stopped trying to resolve the issue and surrendered it to Divine Power.  In that moment the whole attachment to PRIDE that was holding the energy all along – dissolved.

The sense of responsibility – the agenda of being /doing the right thing – /pride – was keeping me separate from the true Power inherent in the Peace of Divine Oneness- the Source of Love.

Surrender- the Acceptance of Divine Oneness is such sweet expansive awakening!

The pain of the ego pattern being activated was a necessary, even blessed, step that revealed what was unconsciously always there, creating the separation from Divine Oneness.

Kind of like the Ogre/Dragon in the fairy tale whose awakening always creates the opportunity for the Prince of True Self to release his human disguise and step into full Divine Power.

What games does our ego play to keep us in pride and separate from our Divine Self?

When did you or I last give ourselves the gift of expansive surrender to the Oneness?

That choice is always moment to moment there for us.

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