It is such a special time of year.  In modern life styles it is easy to lose sight of how special a time it is.  We seldom hear Morris Dancers coming through our lands and gardens celebrating the awakening of life all around us.  So this cyber message is my celebration of the beauty that is everywhere these days.  In these gardens Peter and I are privileged to care for and which reward us so richly, these images capture a bit of the special sights we are blessed with each day.

Come celebrate with us on Saturday, May 17th for the May Rest Stop For The Soul, Coming Home To Our Earth Family, there is still some room left.  This Rest Stop is especially for honoring the Earth and her/our family of life and all the relationships that support us.

Here are some beds from the upper garden with Lettuce, Kale, Parsley and Dill basking in sun light.

Isn’t this Lettuce seedling so beautiful, such an innocent energy!

In the lawn the sweet, sweet Spring Beauties look out with such intentness.

The May Flowers appear seemingly over night!!

I love the little grape Hyacinth and their sweet aroma.

I love how the Earth provides us with the perennial sources of food way ahead of the annual fruits.
Here is Sorrel, such a tender green, with its lovely lemony flavor, providing fresh greens already!

And Lovage already so tall and providing flavor for soups and salads, as well as green smoothies

From here the Lovage almost looks like a bush in the middle of the lower garden,
with the beds of Garlic further down the hill.

Here we see the Garlic in the foreground looking up the hill.

Here is the Garlic close up, doing wonderfully.

Here is the other side of the lower garden with Carrots just planted in the top bed and
Onion seedlings going in in the third bed down with Leeks to following bed,
and Cranberries in the next one down.  Other beds await potatoes, beans and squash.
Each living seed has its preference for soil temperature, soil chemistry and planting time.

And lovely Chives, It is really a nice fresh touch in green smoothies.

and what a delight to see that the Sweet Cicely wintered over and is showing its aromatic head.

And of course the hardy Rhubarb is putting out its sensuous probing stems and leaves.

The Asparagus is already pushing up!

As well as the Peas, that spring up so sprightly!  I love how alive and new born they appear!.

The Magnolia is holding its bud in anticipation!

The pear tree is more modest in its buds.

In the foreground to the left a small Pear Tree, in the center a Crab Apple
tree silhouetted against the pines, its tiny buds glistening in the sunshine.

The Peach tree, buds a glistening against the pines.

This is the yard from which we enjoy the garden around us and
where we meet for Rest Stops for the Soul.

This is the upper garden now, awaiting Tomatoes, Peppers, Broccoli and more herbs.

What a blessing this amazing Earth is in her many blessings of beauty and royal food for both body and soul.

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