In the summer on the farm in Michigan where I grew up, my daily summer ritual was watching the sunrise on days I was able to awake in time, and most evenings watching the sunset. As the sun moved towards the horizon I would, ride my pony up to the little rise behind the barn and watch the sunset over the fields and elm lined fence rows to the west.  The still beauty of the endless Michigan sky turning red as the sun descended would fill me with a deep pervasive quiet – a quiet that would ease and erase the angst of the day.

Here in Maine the sky is not endless, the Pines, Oaks and Maples reach into it, receiving it intimately into their embrace.  So the sunrise and sunset are accessed through ’Zen view’ windows held amidst their branches.  Yet the sun holds me close at some point each day, catching my eye, beaming the loving warmth into my heart.  I give thanks to the Mighty Grandfather in his loving dance with the mother Earth.

The Sun is the source of the fire that warms me at my core.  It makes possible all growth and movement. In this way it is the basic determiner of creation on this planet.  It is a vast nuclear power.  Yet, it is so gentle like the warmth of a loved ones body.  I light a fire in the wood stove in the winter and in the ceremonial circle in the summer.   I love to watch how the fire relates and responds to the gift of the earth’s fuel, the air available and the dryness or dampness present.  They play together with such sensitivity, such responsiveness – always in relationship. Such a teacher.

There is a lot of fear of fire in our culture.  We are so controlling of it we have few opportunities to learn from it or even to witness how relational and responsive it is.  I am grateful for the years of country living that have given me the chance to witness and commune with an open fire, where I access that same peaceful place in myself that I found as a child at sunset and sunrise.

Then there is the inner fire, the light of our energy body, our true Self.

I love this Prayer from St. Germain.  It feels like a doorway to the inner Sun.

I AM a Child of the Light.



I LIVE in the LIGHT.

I AM protected, illuminated, supplied and sustained

by the LIGHT.


-St. Germain from Unveiled Mysteries by Godfrey Ray King

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