When there is light in our soul,

There is beauty in the body,

When there is beauty in the body

There is harmony in the home,

When there is harmony in the home

There is order in the nation,

When there is order in the nation

There is peace in the world

This beautiful poem of Nigerian folk wisdom, was shared with me years ago by my friend, Efiong Etuk.

Every time I revisit it, I find a deeper level of wisdom in it. Especially at weddings I am reminded of the power inherent in our home life, as so beautifully portrayed in it.

There is a divine part of each of us that lives with the angels – that light in our soul. And another part of us is the vulnerable part, the dark part. This part is passed on to us through love. We inherit much of it in love, just as we receive patterns of strengths, abilities, and talents we also receive false perceptions of vulnerability, reactivity and wounding; of fear, judgment, self-doubt, and defensiveness.

Each family or lineage has its own special collection of false perceptions, some more potent than others, which we pass on, sealed inside of us in our bond of love. These dark patterns are invested in sameness. They fear diversity. They are out of touch with Life, which adores and creates unending diversity.

These false perceptions create in each of us a false identity, the ego, which deludes us and separates us from the light in our soul, our true self. It is the source of our pain.

I remember watching my mother struggling in the pain of the perceptions that she passed on to me in the bond of her love. In me for a long time, I thought they were innate to who I am. I did not realize that they had a separate existence of their own, even as they feed off my energy. For a long time they projected a lot of judgment and other weird things out into the world and onto others. I experienced the same kinds of pain my mother experienced before me, as we both unknowingly agreed with these false perceptions and the thoughts and attitudes that emanate from them.

Then one day I realized these false perceptions, painful attitudes and projections are not who I am. They are just a habit. I don’t need to agree with them or act on them. I can live from my true self, the light in my soul, if I choose.

Later I also realized that these perceptions don’t easily go away because they are sealed in love. But I don’t need to agree with them or act on them. I can just accept them along with the rest of the gifts I have received and accepted.

It is a great gift just accepting this part of ourselves. In the words of Paula Gunn Allen in The Woman I love is a Planet: the Planet I love is a Tree,

“Healing the self means committing ourselves to wholehearted willingness to be what and how we are — beings, frail and fragile, strong and passionate, neurotic and balanced, diseased and a whole, partial and complete, stingy and generous, safe and dangerous, twisted and straight, storm-tossed and quiescent, bound and free.”

I learned I can just let these dark painful false perceptions that reside within me BE. I can peacefully accept them as part of my human heritage, while not agreeing with them. I can choose to relax into my truer deeper self. I can let my heart soften, open and forgive myself, my lineage, the world. I can live in the Light in My Soul. And It is my responsibility to make this choice. When I do life is sweet. When I don’t life is difficult.

More and more I find myself fully accepting but not needing to agree with the false perceptions that I inherited, bonded in the love I received as a child. The false reactive perceptions born of the violence and wounding my mother experienced as a small child, living in the midst of a rigid, abusive, authoritarian culture as the armies of WWI invaded her life and home, endangering her life and family, taking the lives of her brothers – these perceptions, so deeply embedded in her, she passed on to me in love, along with her amazing capacity for gratitude, creativity, compassion and humor.

As I make this choice to accept but not agree, more consistently, I find myself naturally and easily in a beautiful equanimity, honoring and celebrating life around me.

Difficulties arise in my life and in the world for sure, seemingly more and more. I find myself observing with a sense of security, acceptance, sometimes amusement, almost always deep caring and compassion, sometimes-fierce passion for healing.

This is the power of true wholeness. It is the power of bringing together the strength of our diversity, the strength of our divinity, our unique soul power, while accepting our humanity.

There are times in life, in relationship, and in marriage, when we believe our delusions, the perceptions of our wounding, of our immature humanity. When we act on them. When we project them onto others.

In these tumultuous time here on Earth.  I wonder if our older siblings in the Earth Family, the tree beings, the rock beings, the water beings, the animal and plant beings among others, are not looking on, these days thinking, “Will they every grow up? These two-legged  toddlers, our youngest siblings. They are sure getting awfully destructive! They are killing each other off, along with us and the Mother Earth!”

Whether we call it delusions, false perceptions, karma or human immaturity, it seems to be part of who we chose to be at this stage in our development.

I often call it weights in the gym of consciousness. In almost every moment we have the choice to agree with our True being, our Heart and our Soul, or to agree with our delusions. One of the things I so love about my husband is that when I go out to sea, because I have temporary agreed with my deluded perceptions. He doesn’t follow, he says to himself, “Oh, she’s gone out to sea. She’ll be back.” It is a great gift in relationship when we can do that for each other.

The wholeness, created within ourselves as we heal our addiction to feeding these false perceptions we have inherited, is the quiet victory that is creating real peace in the world. This peace and wholeness from the inside out is vibrant with diversity, aligned with Life, a gift to the world. It is our maturation as Human Beings, and I believe, a deep relief to our older siblings in the Family of Life and a blessing for the Earth Mother.

So how do we make the shift to choosing to live in the light in our soul and not agreeing with the painful inherited perceptions? Well, certainly I have had many advantages. My mother didn’t have the gifts and guidance we now have of: “The Work” of Byron Katie, the Map of Consciousness of David Hawkins, my Native American and far Indian teachers. These have all played a part.

I am not a mediator. Meditation has never worked for me. I find life much more conducive to a no- mind state. Practices like sitting with a client or friend in loving witness, co-creating art, gardening with the plant people, cooking in celebration of food, connecting consciously with water, fire, the earth, the air, the breath, the inner channel of energy and light all awaken me to the serenity of the light in the soul.

As I look back over my life now as I look forward to my 69 birthday this fall, I am aware that the last eight years and particularly the last 3 years have brought a great deal more inner peace, stillness, light in my soul. So I believe that what has been most helpful is the Transmission I have received during this time through my enlightened teacher, Dave Oshana.

Dave doesn’t give practices, other than “Drink water. Shower. Relax. Be in Nature.” Much of the time when I ‘listen’ to him, I don’t even hear what he says. I simply go somewhere beyond hearing. I could say that I don’t hear anything and nothing ‘happens’. Certainly as the mind evaluates happenings that would be true.

Yet I can’t help but notice that my experience of life, what actually goes on INSIDE of me, and how I experience other people is really radically different these days than it was three years ago, when I began to receive regular Transmission through Dave. And I can also trace a definite shift back to when I first met him eight years ago by amazing synchronicity in NC.

So I believe that the equanimity I now experience is not something I got to by “pulling myself up by my own bootstraps,” spiritual practice and discipline. I think ‘practices’ alone are not the key. I believe we are all in this journey together. It is a great blessing to be personally connected to someone who is enlightened to receive the Transmission of that state of BEING – The Enlightenment Transmission. Is that not The Divine Light of the Soul? Just as the dark perceptions we struggle with got anchored in us so strongly by the power of love. The Love bond with an Enlightened Being is such a powerful ‘tractor beam,’ to use Star Wars jargon, towards the Light within our true BEING.

I feel deeply fortunate to have this personal connection with Dave Oshana, who just honored the 10th anniversary of his enlightenment on June 19th. I am also delighted that Dave, who lives in Finland, is planning to visit ME this fall. He plans to do an ‘intro’ evening in the Boston area and another in the Portland ME area, followed by one day long intensive at least, for people new to the Transmission. I will keep those of you posted about the dates as plans are finalized. Or if you choose connect to Dave directly yourself. You can find his websites at At you can register and book his Live Transmissions. This coming Sunday he will be giving one entitled, SoulMate Workshop for Couples, Singles & Immortals, described as:

Couples: See your partner’s soul through spiritual eyes.
Singles: Find the love of your life.
Immortals: Learn to tolerate your partner’s habits, the effortless and natural way.

Have Fun!

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