Maryanna’ Bio

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 I have been a reverent student of nature and Consciousness for at least seventy years.

I have participated in the Enlightenment Transmission Teaching with Dave Oshana, the enlightenment teacher for fourteen years.

I am an expert in many transformational modalities including clinical social work and counseling; therapeutic breathwork; Earth-centered circle gatherings. I say this with honest humility.  I am grateful to have been so blessed. I have facilitated training in the creative process, transformational modalities and circle work for healing, enhanced consciousness, and empowerment of both individuals and groups for over forty-five years.  My first training and studies were as an artist.

I offer sessions to people to expand their awareness and creative capacity in life and work. I am masterful in creating ‘space’ for people gain knowledge of their Soul, empowering them to experience oneness with the Family of Life and their purpose within it.

I love spending time present in the silent dynamic inner consciousness, free of thought through most of my day. I enjoy this presence when I am physically still when counseling, and when active. I am active much of the time when not counseling.

I enjoy active time with my grandchildren and family. Nerissa will soon to be two years old and Theona 10 years old.  I love tending my extensive garden of vegetables, flowers, berry bushes and fruit trees, or cooking in the kitchen delights like healthy chocolate, applesauce from the grandmother apple tree in the yard or healthy carrot banana muffins.


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