Meditation – What is it? What does it mean?

I hear this word a lot. ‘Meditation’ But I never quite know what people mean.  Or ‘Sitting Meditation”.  O.K. I get that they are sitting, but I can sit too, but I suspect they mean something different, or do they?

In the beginning of Thomas Merton’s Seeds of Contemplation, he describes what he means by contemplation.  And it is something I can totally relate too, but is that what others mean too, or is that unique to this Trappist Catholic monk?

Anyway, I don’t sit to enter the inner realm. I just lay down.  I often do what I would call inner observation and connection with Source upon awakening in the morning, with my first awareness for an hour or so before arising and again upon laying down at night before sleep arrives.

I start by observing the consciousness that I am. I am aware of Consciousness itself, before or you might even say, behind thoughts or words.

Just Consciousness…..Angelic Visitation

When thoughts enter, I am often notice their energy, the attitude or quality that they ride on or carry along with the thought.

I notice that guidance from Source or Spirit is often almost – non-verbal.  It is more of just a gentle download of insight, a quiet ‘knowing’ that arrives with no ‘charge’ or agenda.  It is ‘detached’ yet with a very gentle, intimate, quiet warmth.

Often instead of attending to  ‘meaning,’ Consciousness just rests in a kind of infinite peaceful space with a subtle sweetness.

Opening into this spaciousness is very nourishing to my Soul and remains with me much of the day.

Of course like an antsy, nervous pet, the false identity will keep asking for attention, throwing thoughts at me, like a menu of different baits, to try to call me back in to its world of illusion and dis-ease.  It truly has ‘abandonment’ issues.  But I don’t need to fix or resist it.

I can just choose once again the peace and spacious intimate joy of Spirit or Consciousness Itself.

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