Meeting My Living Enlightened Teacher, Dave Oshana

15 years ago I attended a weekend coaching conference in NC.  To get a ‘cheap flight” I was staying an extra day and flying back on Tuesday.   During a break, Nancy, a Canadian coach with whom I was friends observed, “I see you are staying an extra day like me.  I will be visiting with a friend.  You are welcome to come with me if you like.  He is enlightened.”

I thought, “Sure!  She has a friend who is enlightened!” I thought cynically.  “This should be entertaining!”   I agreed to go, since I had nothing ‘better’ to do.

On the way there, that day, April 29, 2002, we began to experience a kind of fog like disorientation. I recognized this feeling from other times in life when I had approached people and places of high energy.  My cynicism began to soften and my curiosity was heightened.

When we did finally arrive, a young British man, in his early thirties, named Dave Oshana, met us.  We sat together outside, the three of us overlooking the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.  The two of them chatted away.  I observed.  I seemed to sense a different energy inhabiting his body than mine.  Or was I just imaging that? The conversation in my mind became more focused:

The quiet unfamiliar inner voice said, “He is for real… Something different is coming from him than comes from me or most of us………someone invited him here. You could invite him to Maine.”

The familiar loud inner voice replied emphatically, “What are you thinking?!  You don’t even know him!”

After a brief pause, the quiet voice firmly replied, “The next time there is a break in their conversation, invite him to Maine.”  I found myself inclined to listen to this quiet voice.  I waited for a break in their conversation, and then I invited him.  I don’t remember what I said, something like having a network of spiritual folks, etc.

He glanced in my direction.  Then, with the grin of a kid involved in mischief and  gentle amusement, he mimicked the loud inner voice of my mind, “BUT, You don’t even know me!”

My mind was still for a long time after that, as I felt an energy transmission emanating from him.

When he said that he needed to go, Nancy and I followed him toward the retreat house where he was staying.  He began to ascend some log steps to a higher lawn, when suddenly Nancy who was following closely behind him, fell to the ground, shaking and sputtering, “It’s like Jeeesssusss!”

Dave turned around. With casual, gentle concern, he said, ‘I do need to go.  Please stay with her.  Be sure she breathes deeply and drinks a lot of water.’  Then he turned and left.

Within moments a women came to us with a glass of water.  She introduced herself as a neighbor of the retreat house.  She commented that, to her Dave just seemed like a regular guy, but a lot of things ‘like this’ had been happening since he had arrived there.

The following day we planned to return via a different route, to meet with him in the morning before our flights.  Since we were flying at different times, we took two cars.  Nancy led the way, since I didn’t have directions.  We were on a four-lane highway initially, but before the exit we needed, we ran into heavy work and a high traffic detour.  In no time I had lost her and was pretty much lost myself.  I realized that the only option was to turn around and head for the airport.  So I got myself headed back in that direction on the highway.

As I was about to pass one of the many exits to who knew where, I found myself taking the exit. My arms were just turning the steering wheel on to the exit ramp, with my mind a silent observer. At the end of that exit ramp, which crossed above the highway and was out of sight, to my utter surprise, was Nancy, waiting for me!

“Come on let’s go!”  I followed her down the back roads to the retreat where we met Dave.

Acknowledging that we had little time, he again went outside with us.  Trying to imagine what enlightenment might be, I remember asking him if he had thoughts?

“Yes,” he said, “ but I don’t attach to them.  They pass through like clouds in the sky.”

“Then he turned to me, and said quite directly,

“You should be ashamed of yourself, at your age, not being enlightened.”

The effect of those words hit me on multiple levels.  My ego was triggered by the phrase, “You should be ashamed,” which I had heard with painfully frequency from my mother growing up, about endless aspects of my behavior.

But on a soul level, I was overcome with a powerful wave of immense love, shaking my body, bringing tears to my eyes, as my lungs groped for more air. Unlike Nancy I managed to still stand on my feet.

Next this man, who is younger than my own sons said, with a kind of gentle fatherly concern, “You know what to do.  Drink lots of water.  Breathe.  You should go now to get your plane.”

That was twelve years ago.  It was six years before I saw Dave in person again.  But what happened that day, planted seed of connection with the Enlightenment Transmission in me that has continued to grow ever since.

Words are not accurate or deep enough to convey what I receive from the Enlightenment Transmission.  If you sense any inner push of your soul towards it, I urge you to follow it and treat yourself to the  blessing of experiencing it directly.

Some changes in my life since meeting Dave and becoming connected with the Enlightenment Transmission that I can describe include:

  • Before I met Dave, my shoulders were iron-like rigid shields that generally inhabited the space near my ears and jaw.  Now they have descended and for the most part softly rise and fall with my breath.
  • Those old hard painful inherited robotic thoughts of how my partner, or something or someone else in my experience is wrong or misguided, have softened, frequently into periods of  the sweet deep, silence of  ‘no mind’ and at other times the old trigger is met with inner amusement and compassion for my own and all of our human struggle.
  • My sense of failure at not being able to meditate despite earlier instruction and efforts, has given way to relaxing into a sweet spacious, soft silent aliveness.
  • At 76 years, many folks who have known me for years report that, “I look younger each time they see me.”

Early in 2008 Dave began offering Live Transmission Classes on the internet.   For most of the first years of listening to these often-weekly classes, I would hear his first introductory sentence and then an hour later, I would hear his concluding sentence.  What he said in between I had no recall of.  So why did I keep ‘listening’?  Because my experience of life was different – more expanded, awake and graceful in the hours and days after the Live Transmission Class.

The winter of 2009, I listened to a replay of a Live class.  Listening to the replay, I was able to follow the words and the teaching.  However, it was not easy.  It was like trying to listen to something through loud noise or static.  But there was no noise or static or anything that I am accustomed to in my awareness.  It was like trying to listen while being affected by a huge energy transfusion.

The following April, I scheduled and received a one-on-one with Dave over Skype.  Since that session with him, I am able to hear most of the teaching on the Live Transmission Classes and relax into a deeper openness to the Live Transmission experience. Day-to-day, I experience expanded peace, kindness, and joy in my relationships, my activities, my body, my awareness of Life happening inside and out.

In 2009 and 2010, he did come to Maine and held an introductory evening and three-day intensive, each year. Some who met him here have gone to winter and summer retreats in Finland.

In October 2012 and 2013, he returned to Maine.  In addition to introductory evenings, one-to-one sessions with those who asked and 2 day intensive, he held week-long residential retreats, for those who have had previous exposure to the Enlightenment Transmission.  Months after I continue to integrate the impact of the power of the Transmission during retreat.  Peter, my husband says since that retreat I have softened and am much easier to live with.

Unlike previous teachers, in my life as a seeker, Dave’s verbal teaching is deep and profound, yet it is only the surface.  The Transmission, the source of the teaching, has Its own  energetic impact directly on the souls of those engaged with the it.  The Enlightenment Transmission is unexplainable.  It can only be experienced.

This past July I was fortunate to be sponsored by other participants to go to the summer retreat in Finland.  I continue to integrate the gentle power of that experience.

Hopefully he will return to the States again this fall.


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