Holding a Wedding in Grafton Notch

Holding a Wedding in Grafton Notch

I have twenty-five years’ experience as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker – a counselor and life coach.

And I have forty-five years’ experience leading interactive groups and training.

I am a lifelong seeker of experiences and values in honor of truth, beauty, and nature.  I live what I espouse, being true to my deepest self.

This embodying provides guidance as well as an energetic transmission, an alive mentoring; that empowers you to be more fully your true self.

My purpose is to support the people I serve to discover their unique inner truth and embody it in their lives, fulfilling their life purpose.

My connection with a living enlightened teacher, Dave Oshana for the past 14 years has transformed my life.

I now experience a blissful, dynamic, inner stillness, which is a source of insight and wisdom that guides my life much of the time and my work with the people whom I serve.

In my counseling work with people, they often report experiencing a positive life enhancing transmission that empowers their connection with their soul and has a positive impact on their lives.