Professional Counseling Resume


1992              Springfield College          Springfield, MA

Masters in Social Work

  • Field of Study – Adult Mental Health

 1986              Antioch New England Graduate School     Keene, NH

Masters in Education

  • Specialization in Waldorf Education, with additional training in Curative Painting with Liane Collot D’Herbois.

 1964              University of Michigan,    Ann Arbor, MI

Bachelor’s of Science in Design, School of Architecture & Design

  • Majors in Painting, Sculpture, and Pottery

Professional Experience

February 2001 – Present, Ordained as a Reverend Minister in the Congregation of Spiritually Evolving Pilgrims

  • Providing spiritual support to groups and individuals from various backgrounds who seek an unaffiliated creative approach to Spirit, Officiating at life transition events with deep sensitivity to the individuals involved.

January 2001 – Present, Private Practice – Guide Service for the Soul, West Bath, ME, Portland, ME

Psychotherapist, Life Coach Private Practice

  • Integrating cognitive, behavioral, experiential and psychodynamic therapies treating the mind-body- spirit interface to resolve personal development and mental health concerns with individual clients.

September, 1986 – Present, Group Facilitation, Trainings and Individual Consultation                

Keene, NH & Portland, Hiram & West Bath, ME

  • Rest Stops for the Soul
  • Earth Circle Spiritual Leadership Training,
  • Keys for Life Mastery: the Science and Art of Joyful Living,
  • Unleashing the Inner Artist,
  • Engaging the Energy Body,
  • Empowerment vs. Effort,
  • Earth Circle Wilderness Healing Quests,
  • Instruction in External Degree Graduate Programs and
  • Therapeutic Breath work
  • Designed and led the above named Empowerment Trainings and Workshops for direct service clients and for staff and client based trainings for the following clients: Monadnock Family Service in Keene, N.H., Keene State College, Women’s Crisis Center in Keene, Monadnock Waldorf School in Keene, N.H, the Rape Crisis Center in Portland ME;
  • Led Earth Circle Spiritual Leadership Training, Workshops and Wilderness Healing Quests based on her training in Eco psychology with Sarah & Lane Conn and her mentoring with a number of Native American Elders including Hollis Littlecreek
  • Served as an instructor for graduate students in external degree programs through Vermont College and Goddard College
  • Facilitated Transformational Breath Trainings, based on her training and certification with Judith Kravitz, at Transformational Breath Foundation and Tom Goode of International Breath Institute, the founders of the process. This broad based practice became integrated with Psychotherapy upon receiving Clinical Licensure in 1996.
  • In 2001 she initiated Power of Breath trainings, including both weekend trainings, evening presentations and time limited groups for both clients and facilitators of the process.
  • Designed and presented trainings, groups and teleclasses on Keys for Life Mastery: the Science and Art of Joyful Living and the related Empowerment vs. Effort trainings both for direct service clients, the True North Pathways Program and Youth Alternatives Family Intervention staff.

August 2007 and 2008 – Staff Presenter and Facilitator at Kindred Spirits Camp at Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA

  • Self led and co-led a variety of empowerment group trainings and experiential healing processes for members several times each day, during the week long the Kindred Spirits Camp


August 2007 – Retreat Leader for the United Methodist Church, Office for Pastoral Care and Counseling, The Natural Gate, Prairie du Chien, Iowa

  • Led an inspirational retreat for focused on Earth Centered Spirituality for 15 Methodist Ministers

June 2006 – Presenter at the Nature Planning Network Conference, Falmouth, ME.

  • One of seven workshop presenters for the NPN weekend conference

June 5, 2004 – Presenter – the Power of Color & Creativity, Sebastopol, CA

Sponsored by Badger and Shaw

  • A one-day workshop at the Sebastopol Community Center on the power of color and creativity for expanding our personal and spiritual power to create a positive life experience.

 December 2003 – 2007 –True North, Maine’s Center for Functional Medicine and the Healing Arts, Falmouth, ME

Presenter in the True North Community Education Program

  • Presenting several evening workshops each quarter on a number of self-empowerment topics such as breath empowerment, the power of color and creativity, empowerment vs. effort.

June 20-23, 2002 – Planet Planning, Ithaca 2002, a Future Fair, Envisioning a Better World for 2020, the Foundation of Light, Ithaca, NY

Sole Invitational Exhibiting Artist and Guest Speaker

  • Showed an extensive exhibit of my artwork and co-led inspirational future planning group processes.

June 2001 – Global Inspiration Conference, Milwaukee, WI


  • Presented Therapeutic Breath work to conference attendees from around the globe at this weeklong international Breath work Conference.

 May, 1999 – December 2000      Full Spectrum Health Center                               Portland, ME

Psychotherapist in Private Practice affiliated with Integrated Health Care Model

  • Integrating cognitive, behavioral, and psycho-dynamic Psychotherapy with Therapeutic Breath work, creative color therapy, working with a broad base of clients individually and as part of a health care team approach offering full service for mind, body, and soul through the integration of conventional and alternative therapies.

June 19-23, 1998, Presenter at the Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference, Buffalo, NY

Solo and Co Presenter in One of CPSI’s Home Rooms

  • Leading and co-leading group training and processes throughout the week in one of CPSI’s major Home Room Settings. The focus was on the skills of 5Cs: Conscious, Creative, Compassionate, Collaborative Community.  The five of us holding this Home Room, had spent four weekends in a house in VT, designing and experiencing the skills we presented.

 July 10-19, 1998, Presenter at the Thetford Learning Community, Thetford, VT.

Solo and Co Presenter

  • Leading and co-leading group processes throughout the weeklong training. The focus was on the skills of 5Cs: Conscious, Creative, Compassionate, Collaborative Community, designed and developed by the five of us presenting.

 Nov. 1997 – Oct. 2000 Community Counseling Center                         Portland, ME

Clinical Social Worker  – Contract Worker

  • Responsible for assessment, treatment planning and individual psychotherapy for a wide variety of clients, including children, adolescents, adults, in the Outpatient Counseling Services program.

June, 1992 – Nov. 1997                Community Counseling Center                          Portland, ME

Programming Designer & Coordinator, Elderworks Day Treatment Program

  • Designed the Elderworks Day Treatment Program for chronically mentally ill elders. Responsible for assessment, treatment planning, individual, family, and group interventions, facilitated daily expressive and verbal therapy groups. Responsible for programming the expressive interventions which improved the functioning in the elderly chronic mentally ill participants

 Sept. 1991 – June 1992               Catholic Charities                                                         Keene, NH

Master in Social Work Student doing Clinical Practicum

  • Provided individual therapy for a small caseload including preteen through late middle age clients with a variety of issues and dynamics.

Continuing Education


  • Seven Day Residential Retreat immersed in the Full Life Program / Enlightenment Transmission Teaching July 2015, in Finland
  • Seven Day Residential Retreat immersed in the Full Life Program / Enlightenment Transmission Teaching July 2014, in Finland
  • Seven Day Residential Retreat immersed in the Full Life Program / Enlightenment Transmission Teaching October 2013, in Maine
  • Seven Day Residential Retreat immersed in the Full Life Program / Enlightenment Transmission Teaching October 2012, in Maine
  • Full Life Program Teaching with Dave Oshana, ongoingly participating since  2005
  • Power of Breath One Day Workshop, February 276, 2005, 5 hrs.
  • An Emotional Management System for Spiritual Living, presented by Carolyn Wilson-Elliott, Coaching from Spirit, LLC, February 2, 2004 through May 19, 2004, 22.5 hrs
  • Life on Purpose Institute Coaches Development Program #6, April 24, 2001 through April 23, 2002, 75 hrs.
  • “The Listening Hand Workshop” presented by Ilana Rubenfeld, The Rubenfeld Synergy Center of Portland, Oct. 23, 2000, 1.5 hrs.
  • Trauma Training presented by Connie Ostis LCSW & Deb Butterfield, LCSW, Community Counseling Center, Nov. 12, 2000, 6.5 hrs.
  • Current Thinking in EMDR: Theoretical Perspectives on the Role of Trauma and Attachment in Brain Development” by Celia Grand LCSW, BCD, Northern New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis, on October 20, 2000, 2 hrs.
  • Maine Colloquium: The Landscape of Spirituality in Therapy” Boston College, Graduate School of Social Work, Portland, ME, April 4, 2000, 1.5 hr.
  • “Use of Multiple Treatment Mediums in Treatment of a Geriatric Client” presented by Robin Puleio, LCPC, Community Counseling Center, February 1, 2000
  • “Substance Abuse Assessment Training,” presented by Nancy Abel, LCSW, Community Counseling Center, November 2, 1999, 2 hrs.
  • “Social Constuctionism and Family therapy,” presented by M.J. Ferrier, PH.D. Community Counseling Center, October 5, 1999, 2 hrs.
  • “Forgiveness and Psychotherapy,” Boston College, Graduate School of Social Work, Portland, ME, April 13, 1999, 1.5 hr.
  • “The Therapeutic Relationship: Differentiating Counter Transference from Understandable Responses to Clients and Using Both to Help Clients in Their Work,” presented by Connie Ostis, LCSW and Sheila McKinley, LCSW, February 2, 1999, 1 hr.
  • “Use of CALOCUS During Clinical Assessment,” presented by Perry S. Sutherland, Community Counseling Center, January 19, 1999, 1 hr.
  • “LOCUS / CALOCUS” presented by Perry S. Sutherland LCSW and Greta Roderick, LCSW, Community Counseling Center, January 5, 1999, 1 hr.
  • Professional Training in Transformational Breath Facilitation, presented by Judith Kravitz, founder of the process, in Brattleboro, Vt. October 1998 through January 1999, 63 hrs.
  • “Overview of EMDR,” presented by Sheila McKinley, LCSW, Community Counseling Center, December 1, 1998, 1 hr.
  • Understanding Anxiety, Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention presented by Mark Schneider, Ph.D. through Mind Matters Seminars, Portland, Me. November 3, 1998, 6.0 hrs.
  • A Review and Discussion of APA Practice Guidelines, presented by Benjamin C. Grasso, M.D. and David A. Marks, Ph.D., GreenSpring of Maine, October 30, 1998, 2.0 hrs.
  • “Critical Response Techniques,” presented by Perry Sutherland, LCSW, Community Counseling Center, July 14, 1998, 2.0 hrs.
  • EMDR, Hypnosis, and Dissociative Disorders, Northern New England Society of Clinical Hypnosis, November 7, 1997, 2.0 hours
  • A Multi-Modal Approach to the Prevention of Suicide, Medical Care Development, Inc., Jackson Brook Institute, October 2, 1997, 2.0 hours.
  • Creating A New Vision For Mental Health Care In Maine And The Nation. Maine Consortium for Psychotherapy and the American Mental Health Alliances of Maine and New Hampshire, March 1, 1997, 6.5 hours.
  • New Frontiers in the Treatment of Bipolar Disorder, Medical Care Development, Inc., Jackson Brook Institute, January 21, 1997, 2.4 hours.
  • Ecopsychology: New Models in Mental Health and Psychotherapy, with Dr.’s Sarah and Lane Conn, Center for Psychology and Social Change, Department of Psychiatry at The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School, September 30 – December 16, 1996, 25.0 hours.
  • Dialectical Behavior Treatment and Overview, presented by Marjorie Phyfe and Sylvia Schroeder, Community Counseling Center, February 6, 1996, 2.0 hours.
  • The Use and Scoring of the Global Assessment Scale, presented by Dr. Michael Garnett, Community Counseling Center, February 6, 1996, 1.0 hours.
  • Current Concepts in the Management of Psychotic Disorders, presented by Dr. Theo C. Manschreek, Jackson Brook Institute, Department of Staff Development and Continuing Education Program, December 6, 1995, 1.0 hour.
  • Aging Brain, Aging Mind, New Challenges for Health Care, presented by Sanjiv Narayan, M.D., Mind Maters Seminars, October 5, 1995, 6.0 hours
  • The Role of Compassion in Clinical Care, presented by Dr. Walter Christie, Elderworks Program, June 12, 1995, 3.0 hours
  • Opening the Global Heart, an advanced workshop with Joanna Macy, Center for Psychology and Social Change, Department of Psychiatry at The Cambridge Hospital, Harvard Medical School, June 4 & 5, 1995, 14.5 hours.
  • Expressive Therapy: Interweaving Creative Experience with Clinical Thought, University of New England, College of Professional and Continuing Studies, June 4, 1995, 10 contact hours.
  • The Joy of Caring, with Dr. Patch Adams, Continuing Health Education Partnership, Inc. April 20, 1995
  • DSM IV, presented by Dr. Michael Garnett, Community Counseling Center, October 4, 1994, 1.0 hour
  • Managed Mental Health Care – The Use of Psycho-Dynamic Treatment, presented by Sidney Grossberg, Community Counseling Center, September 20, 1994, 6 hours.
  • Advanced Group Psychotherapy, presented by Alex Gitterman, Community Counseling Center, September 19, 1994, 6 hours
  • Solution Focused Treatment, presented by Clarissa Minnocci, Community Counseling Center, May 20, 1994, 6.0 hours
  • Group Therapy with an Ageing Population, presented by June Brown, Maine Group Psychotherapy Society, March 18, 1994, 1.5 hours.