Nature Healing Retreat (Quest)

The Annual Nature Healing Retreat

Or Wilderness Quest


Sunday, September 21, 2014
through Saturday, September 27, 2014

The Theme for the Nature Healing Retreat is:

Who are You?

Who are you?  Are you your preferences, you interests, your opinions?  If so, how come these change throughout ‘your’ life?  Aren’t You something much more Core and eternal than any of that?  Without fully recognizing and truly experiencing that Core of the Real You, how can you feel truly anchored and confident in your life?

Who are You?   That is the question to ask and answer before other important questions that need to be answered to create a rewarding life. Questions like:

What are you here for?

What is your purpose in life?

Even more of a concern for many of us is our “self-esteem” and our self-confidence.

Do you love yourself?  Are you confident in Who you are?

To love yourself you need to know your Self.  What is the Self?  What is the self? What is the Soul? Do you know and clearly experience these different aspects of your existence?

To come to clarity about you true Self is life changing, bringing confidence, peace and joy.

This deep experiential knowing of Self is the theme of this year’s Annual Nature Healing Retreat or Quest.

The fee is sliding scale $750-600 for the week-long Nature Retreat. 

The Nature Healing Retreat is held on a 17 acre piece of land in Hiram Maine, Surrounded by thousands of acres of wilderness.

Read what others have experienced on the Nature Healing Retreat and about the Gifts they received on Retreat or Quest as it is often referred to.  It is rich.




Thirteen years ago the spirits of the land where we go for the nature healing retreat said,“Bring people here.  You humans don’t know anything about relationship.  We will teach them. Bring people here.”


That was how it began.  Over the years the guidance continues to become clearer.  Recently scientific research even came to my attention revealing the healing power of nature and woods and forests in particular. A practice called Forest Bathing and recommended for Asian doctors.


The main points I am guided to encourage and support for nature retreat participants include:




  • BE KIND to yourself and all of LIFE.


  • LISTEN TO and HONOR YOUR BODY, as A SACRED PART OF THE MOTHER EARTH, the closest part of her to you.




  • ONLY FAST (do a warrior quest), IF YOU DON’T EXPERIENCE HUNGER.


It is hard to convey the VIBRANT DEEP SILENCE that permeates those days on the Land and how an understanding of the preciousness of life is, you might say, ‘downloaded’ energetically from that Silence without involving the mind into the depth of each of our beings.




I think the more we let the land teach us the more that is our experience.  The land is not going to teach us with words or concepts.  It teaches us through consciousness, energy resonance and the body. One participant remarked that she felt held in an embrace of Love – SO LOVED by Earth and by Spirit.




One of my favorite parts happens on the afternoon of our first day together.  We walk the land which has more than enough retreat sites in which people can camp alone during the solo part of the retreat.We amble through the woods until we reach one of these sites. Then we stand quietly together and wait for the spirit of the site to choose the person who is invited by that site to spend those days there.  It is always fascinating to look around the group during these moments.


Each time, the chosen person’s body, emotions or another deep inner aspect of soul gets the message well ahead of their mind.  For each person the process is different.  Often people coming to retreat for the first time, don’t think it will happen for them.  They don’t believe they are capable of ‘hearing’ the land speak to them.  But inevitably it happens.


As I look around the group it is easy to notice it begin to happen to the chosen person. We all wait quietly to see what will happen.  Sometimes the person appears to be somewhere else, as if listening to something distantly familiar but hard to recognize, really not ‘here’ in the ‘everyday’ sense like the rest of the group. Their body may begin to move uneasily, or they may seem to be undergoing a subtle wave of pleasant emotion.  We all wait until the chosen person begins to realize that the land has spoken, and spoken to them very personally. Last of all their mind realizes what is happening. They have been called home to this particular spot on the earth.  They stay there to get acquainted with it, this very real energy that has called them.


The rest of us walk quietly on, going to each site until all the people have been invited very personally by one of the sites.


I have done this process with folks each year for thirteen years and it never fails.  Each year I witness as the Consciousness of nature speak to and is heard by the soul of each person.


This is the way of moving through life, that we are all in search of.  To be, act and relate to life from this deep inner knowing that is neither verbal nor conceptual, yet is completely aligned with our own Soul and the greater Oneness of life. We no longer feel any aloneness or separation from the flow of our life.

This is how the spiritual deepening nature healing retreat begins.


As it continues our consciousness is less captive to ‘the ego-mind.’ We approach the ‘no-mind’ state of peacefulness. We are more able to receive the essential resonance of other life forms.  We become aware of each plant, stones, birds, animals, clouds, breezes, bodies of water.  We are able to commune with their gifts and receive their energies as they are expressed in a particular moment when our lives, our consciousnesses’ meet.


This experience is Life Shifting.


It is uniquely perfect and personal for each person. Take a look at the variety of profound experience as participants shared after coming out of their retreat site to the sharing circle.  And each year the experience response to what is best for the participants that year.  In this way the experience is unique each year.





The quest is a full week on the land.  The first couple of days are spent in settling in, coming into alignment with the land, nature and each other in community through safe, deeply honest sharing and teaching circles. We camp near each other in an area we refer to as “the living room” at the top of the ridge. When the preparation time is complete, each participant returns to the site they were invited too.


For four ‘timeless’ days the participants are ‘alone’ at their site, except for a brief daily prayerful visitation, if they so choose.  However, it is in the deepest sense not an ‘alone’ experience. It is a profoundly joined with Life in all its diverse expressions.
Each site has a small fire pit and the surroundings supply plenty of wood, to feed a fire and give heat to cook simple meals and/or make tea. Fire tending instruction is given if needed.  Fire tending is a powerful form of meditation and learning, one often rare in our culture.


Questing is a time for eating very consciously.  Very little food is needed.  Your body will let you know what is useful.  This in itself can be a powerful learning for must of us in a culture of consumption.


During this time we “listen” with our hearts.  We find inside of ourselves that gentle place where we are connected to all things.


We have so many elder siblings to connect with and learn from: the stars; the sun; the moon; the earth our mother and our earthly family; stone beings, the soil, crystals plant beings; mosses, lichens, grass, herbs that feed and heal us, trees animals; from protozoa to creepy crawlies, to the mammals and the winged ones, from the humming birds to the great eagles, hawks, and vultures.

We spend time in stillness, listening, watching, feeling and learning. We attune to the subtle and powerful language of life itself.  The intelligence the Planetary Oneness will move us and listen to us within our own questing circle.

From this place of connection we will reach our true inner knowing, finding a bedrock foundation from which to live our lives in loving alignment with our deepest true Self and our planetary family.


The land where we will be, has offered itself specifically and intentionally as a healing ground, as a learning ground.


When I bought the land I thought I would live there, but in learning to listen to it, I found it had another, deeper and dearer intention. Its intention is to teach us about relationship with ourselves, our partners, our families, all other human brothers and sisters and all of life to which we are deeply, eternally related.


On the fourth day in their site, each participant will give thanks to their site and say their ‘good-bye to it and return to ‘the living room” for an honoring/sharing circle.


Since such a healing time is both for you personally and for your larger community, friends or family are invited to join in this sharing circle to receive from each participant the guidance that he or she has received during their retreat for their community and the larger world.

Each participant will share what he or she is guided to share with the circle.  We will honor each one with simple earth honoring gifts and give thanks to Spirit.  That evening we will share a meal, time around the fire, songs and sweet communal time.  We will sleep in the community energy of the “living room” area.  The following and last morning will be a closing Thank You circle around the fire, before packing up and heart-felt good-byes.


Those interested in this profound experience might want to be in touch early in the year and perhaps take part in some Earth Circle Spiritual Deepening ‘Rest Stop’ Days, as preparation, if they so choose.


On a certain inward level the healing process begins to ‘work’ once you make your commitment.  So early commitment give that process time to go ahead gently.


The fee for the full week is $750.  A deposit of $100 is requested with your commitment to quest to reserve your ‘space’.  That deposit is refundable up till a month before quest begins.  Send deposit checks to 569 Berry’s Mill Road, West Bath, ME 04530.


If this is something that you feel an inner nudge to explore I suggest: that you look on my website at the pages with pictures of the Land and of testimonials; perhaps talk to people who have  done the retreat before with me, (I can give you the names of former participants, many return repeatedly, some annually); talk to me further and pray about it.


If you would like to talk further in person or have any questions, feel free to call me, 207-443-7001 or email me at   I am happy to set up a time to talk with you and explore further, whether this is a fit for you or not, and if it is, how to prepare for the best possible experience.


The questing land is located in Hiram, Maine.  I will send directions, further information regarding questing, how to prepare, what to bring, upon receipt of your registration and deposit.



“When we get out of the glass bottles of our ego, and when we escape like squirrels turning in the cages of our personality and get into the forests again, we shall shiver with cold and fright but things will happen to us so that we don’t know ourselves.  Cool, unlying life will rush in, and passion will make our bodies taut with power, we shall stamp our feet with new power and old things will fall down, we shall laugh, and institutions will curl up like burnt paper.” - D. H. Lawrence

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  1. Every year I take a group of folks into the woods for a full week: no buildings, no cement, no phones, no TV, no malls, no fast food; just earth, stones, plants, trees, sky, clouds, weather, birds, animals, sweet nature sounds and days of alone time to be present to the vibrant life all around.