The Blessing of No-Mind

One of the blessings of the Enlightenment Transmission is what is sometimes called no mind. For me that name doesn’t begin to describe the benefits of this amazing state of beingness.  I think it is what most people seek in their efforts to meditate.

Before I met Dave Oshana I’d learned a number of meditation techniques. However all of my attempts at meditation were agonizing.

Now so often during the day all thought is gone. In its place is a spaciousness and emptiness that is vast, reassuring, rich, dynamic and fully alert.

Remember in first meeting with Dave somehow occurred to me to asking the question “do you think?” I’ll never forget his response. It was so casual and relaxed. “Yes, it’s like clouds in the sky. They just pass through. I don’t attached anything.”

At that time I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about. Yet now so often throughout the day that is exactly my experience. Sometimes, in fact quite often, the inner sky is near cloudless.

Sometimes the Inner Sky is cloudless.....

Sometimes the Inner Sky is near cloudless…..

When I say the inner sky is cloudless the experience I’m attempting to describe is one of deep peace and vibrant aliveness. In it my awareness is free of that small mental box of the mind. In its freedom it expands into an indescribable vastness. I feel so amazingly fortunate to receive this experience. It is one of the sweet, sweet gifts of the Enlightenment Transmission in my life.

As I look out in the world, I see so much suffering as a result of the attachment to the mind and its infinite myriad of concepts and beliefs.  I know it is considered normal even important to think and to believe those thoughts and concepts we entertain.

However when I was constantly thinking that thinking was repetitive and my awareness was trapped in a limited mental space that replaced my actual experience of real-life, my ability to be present to my life as it happened. You could say some thoughts and beliefs are good and some are bad.  Perhaps that is so but in my experience none of them are anything like the real experience of life as it is happening when attachment to thinking is gone and my awareness meets reality.  I am present an immersed in life.  In that experience information sometime arises out of the silence that is exactly what I need to engage with life.

Often these days I forget what day it is. It’s not a real forgetfulness. It happens because my experience of days is so different than it used to be. My awareness is so present to what happens within the scope of the day. It’s like the day has expanded to such a larger reality.

Before when I lived in a more conceptual reality or you might say: an illusory reality, those concepts were like brakes on the whole time, preventing the flow of life that now carries me with much less resistance through the day from one event or interaction to another without any stories of how it should be different or that there are certain limitations to what can happen.

This experience of freedom from the mental cage is basically a sweet blissfulness.  This is the experience that is on offer from the Enlightenment Transmission.  Come and Receive it either directly from Dave or from this Grandmother at my Come and Receive Days, or through coaching or counseling or it the monthly Meet Ups at the New Church in Portland, ME.

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