The Blessing of the Radiant Inner Silence

Recently I awake most mornings with a memory of the dream out of which I come.  Usually it is a meaningless repetitive visual scenario kind of like a stuck record, like a visual version of the audio repetitions of old 78s. This is new.  Most of my 72 years I have awoken each morning with no memory at all of any dreams.  Prior to this year, not more than five dreams ever were carried by memory upon awakening. 

 Once awake, the desire comes to shift into awareness of the deep inner Silence……  I let my body lie in symmetry on the bed.  The Silence washes through it, allowing minor tensions to let go. Ease enters.  The Breath deepens and lengthens.  A tingling begins to reverberate throughout.

The Awareness moves deeper, broader.  The body evaporates as the Silent Presence expands into a radiant reverberation of Peace, a Peace brim full of Life, full of a Love that is eminently gentle and all-encompassing.  Words can’t capture this Fullness. Concepts and associations like ‘me’, ‘you’  ‘thought’, ‘opinion’, are meaningless and irrelevant in the Universal Presence of this blissful Peace.

There are times when the Silent Presence is met by fear, a completely non-verbal wall of fear. In the Silent Presence is a firm gentle desire to meet the fear, to penetrate deep into it.  It encompasses the fear, persistently, lovingly.  The fear softly evaporates, almost as if it wasn’t really there at all.

I fill up on this deep Silent Energy.  I suspect that some would refer to this experience as ‘meditation’.  In my 30ties and 40ties I followed an Indian Guru who taught meditation.  The direction was to ‘do it’ an hour twice a day.  I was an utter failure.  I could not do ‘the practice’ for even 3 minutes without everything in me screaming out against it.

These mornings when I enter the Stillness, I experience No Time at all.  Often when I come out of it, usually due to some call from the body, I discover that often an hour or more has passed, sweetly and effortlessly.

As I said, I am deeply filled by this morning experience.  It continues with me through the day.  On occasions, an old pattern of opinion or judgement and its accompaniment of angst and frustration will arise.

Almost immediately it is bathed with a compassionate Silent Presence where the negative notion evaporates into peace and life is instantly more radiant and nourishing.

I feel so incredibly blessed to be having this experience now daily in my life.  I can only attribute it to the continued presence of the Enlightenment Transmission that I have repeatedly received throughDave Oshana, who I met through grace filled synchronicity 12 years ago in North Carolina

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