The Courage and Honesty to Trust Our Soul

was the theme of yesterday’s COME AND RECEIVE DAY.  It was a beautiful day in all dimensions. There was a very receptive openess among those who came. It seemed to draw through a strength of teaching that was quite different from past ‘rest stops.’

Downpour of Love © 2013

So I thought I would share here some of what came through.

 The theme that announced itself the night before the day began was:

Finding the Courage and Honesty to live our life from the inside out; coming from our Soul and our Soul’s guidance and letting it create and attract our outer life; rather than strategizing from the outside to create a satisfying life.

Another angle on it is – seeking the real pleasure and bliss experience inside ourselves, rather than seeking ease, pleasure and satisfaction from life’s circumstances.

Heart Chakra Energy Study #2 © 2002

To trust what is really in support of our Eternal Soul, rather than the agendas of the false identity or the ego mind, takes courage, honesty and discernment. Trusting what supports our Soul is what we are actually here for. Yet, as I look out at the suffering in the world, it is evident how rare that courage and discernment is. I see a whole society that is headlong invested in the agendas of the ego mind.

We are encouraged to trust in our thinking, those repetitive thoughts that are enmeshed in  the right and wrong duality of the ego mind. That is why it takes courage, honesty and discernment to trust the deeper awareness in our heart and Soul. Where do we find that courage, honesty and discernment?

When we drop our consciousness into that deep well of silence so palpable in the warmth of our heart and let it expand out beyond our body into the energy field of our Soul, we will find the truly trustworthy guidance of the Enlightenment Transmission. Finding it is one thing; trusting, is another.

I experienced the Enlightenment Transmission, without calling it that, numerous times in my life without trusting it more than for a moment or maybe two, until I met Dave Oshana, my enlightened teacher who embodies it fully.

Since then often Dave has known and pointed out to me what I truly wanted before I was willing to trust my heart enough to discern it myself. It’s been 13 years now since we met.  I am much closer to finding it within, and trusting it now. I would’ve come to this level of trust without the personal teaching relationship with Dave, showing It to me repeatedly. I finally am able to see it more clearly within myself.

And that’s the point -It is WITHIN me. I may want to point to Dave, but really what he does is point right back at me. That’s what makes him a truly trustworthy teacher, which is so rare. So many teachers I followed before Dave only pointed to themselves. It  can be uncomfortable to have Dave point back to me.  His ‘pointing’ is never judgemental, but it does expose what is inside of me.  Something the ego-mind is usually not comfortable with, that pointing to what is inside of me is so precious and invaluable to my Soul.

Heart Chakra Study #5 ©2002

It is a profound gift to learn to wait in that silence, to feel the relaxation or you might call it the surrender into the peace where the truth and real self-honesty can be found.

It seems that this experience is not for everyone, but I sure can’t help wishing and praying that it was for everyone. I can’t help praying that everyone- every human being- experienced this peace and joy inside themselves.

Even as we are a long way from that being reality I somehow feel that it is inevitable, only God knows how.

It definitely is an act of courage to trust in that vast consciousness that is beyond the illusory ego mind. As we realize this we are able to see that the illusory fear is not our friend and we benefit from looking past it to what is on offer from  our Soul, existance and the Enlightenment Transmission.

Shifting to a logistical note – So many of you expressed interest in coming to this Come and Receive Day but couldn’t because of other important commitments to family etc.  In the future I am planning to move the days to the last SUNDAY of the month, in hopes that it may make it easier for some of you to arrange to come.  So the days for the rest of the year will be as follows:

  • September 27
  • October 25
  • November 29
  • December 27




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