The Experience of Consciousness

This morning soon after I awakened, I was experiencing my consciousness. It felt like what Meister Eckhart described as  the EYE with which I see God and God sees me, being the same EYE. I used to wonder what that meant.

Now when there is a relaxed state of being conscious of consciousness itself, there is a shift. The awareness is not identified as me. It is beyond any sense of identification or separation. It is free. There is a kind of liberation, a space without space, a space with no dimensions.  It is very peaceful, like a radiant, simple, familiar stillness.

Experience is the amazing gift of being alive.  Concepts can be pointers to an experience, we have had or are yet to have. Yet concepts and ‘thinking’  usually are a prison, a deadly dull kind of energy that occupies consciousness and keeps us locked away from experiencing of life.

This is particularly so, when we believe that the thinking process can solve our problems, when we believe that the mental level of consciousness is the key to life fulfillment. The reality is that it keep s us in a prison of reoccurring problems.

Real wisdom is found in the consciousness that lies beyond thought.


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