Some Thoughts on Our Human Challenge

Our human challenge is to make the shift from ego or false, assumed identity to identifying with the consciousness of Soul.  Most of us, in the process of growing up have assumed a false identity in place of our innate Soul consciousness.  This false identity takes over our mind and our thinking. It is addicted to a vast number of false beliefs about who we are and what life is about and what we are here for.

This ego identity camps out in our consciousness, usually occupying it with a rather constant barrage of thoughts, mental cogitation, and capturing energy from our energy body so it can sustain its illusion.  Our spiritual growth and ultimate liberation is the shift back from this false identity to the Soul, where pure consciousness is free to experience its infinite non dimensional reality, awakening to who we truly are, filled with peace, love and joy.

My own intention for this year is to engage wit Enlightenment Aspiration Program  to enhance my own shift from the false Identity to the Soul.  I hope you join me for whatever part of it is a fit for you.

Most of us believe that we can think our way to where we what to be, that we can think our way out of suffering.  We put our trust in one strategy or another. This kind of thinking inevitable results in more problems and more suffering.  The solution is neither to think, nor is it to stop thinking.  Whatever thinking is going on is simply in service to either the false identity or the Soul.   It is simply reflective of what we are giving our consciousness to, what we paying attention to.

Self-referencing or ‘I ‘focused thinking enforces our false identity with its constant reference to our being as an autonomous entity, separate from the rest of humanity and existence.

Ceremony, ritual and practice are useful as tools to create a space in our lives in which the mind stops its chatter and we experience the stillness of our soul.  The down side is that these practices can become part of our false identities spiritual ego and creates a compartment in our life separate from the sacred flow of Life itself.

There naturally comes a time when ceremony, ritual, practice are let go of, so that all of Life, each moment becomes sacred and fully conscious.  That doesn’t mean that practice, ritual and ceremony won’t arise as part of the flow of Life.  They just will no longer be separate from Life.  They will no longer be thought of as something we DO.  They will simply arise in the present like the rest of Life happening.

Each enlightened master from Jesus on, let go of the religious ceremonies of their time, to enter fully into Life itself.

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