The Little Separate Containers of Exactitude in my Life

The little separate containers of exactitude in my life, of right and wrong, responsibility, duty, blame, judgment, and accomplishment –it must be productive accomplishment!  – All.  But All- are eroding the impulse to let in the light of Soul, of Love, of Unity.

As a very young child I was often called a ‘crybaby’.  “Don’t be such a ‘crybaby!”  I was repeatedly told. I think the crying happened when I felt adults around me pull away, separate from me, vanishing from Love, from Life, into those very same little separate containers of exactitude, duty, responsibility etc.  As a young child I could feel the pain of it all, in them and in me.

Now I am once again slowly gaining back that ability – to feel the pain of all the ‘well meaning’ ego strategies that create separation between me and my Soul, me and all those whom I love, between me and every other human being, every other life form, between me and God.  I am finding my way back to who I truly am, never separate from Peace, from Love, from the Unity of us All. From that awareness of Unity, Connection and Love, truly right action flows with ease out of a relaxed state of Being.

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