The Power of Our Consciousness to Fulfill All Our Desires

As long as we seek for love, happiness, fulfillment outside of ourselves, we are lost souls.  That is not to say that we aren’t utterly, eternally interdependent upon each other.  We are!

Yet the foundation for that interdependence is inside of each of us, in our heart, in our consciousness, when it free of concepts and thinking, free and present with existence in its dynamic unity, moment to moment.

Our eyes are so oriented in our body that we naturally look out at the world.  To see ourselves and those very out looking eyes, we use a mirror.

Perhaps in resonance with this physical way of perceiving, our consciousness tends to focus out from itself, usually into thoughts, concepts and the mental thinking process.  If we hold up an inner mirror to that very consciousness and witness the very consciousness through which we experience everything, what happens then?  Try it!

It is quite amazing isn’t it?  Consciousness!  This power of awareness within us, eternally there!  What more could we want?  Pure conscious experience of Life, in this moment we are found, no longer lost.  All mental activity is quiet.  Peace! Contentment.  It is that simple.

In this still place of radiant, alive consciousness, all love is found and naturally radiates out, connecting in love, with each other soul.  Such a natural access to fulfillment is waiting inside of us.

I remember once hearing Byron Katie say to  about 300 of us,

“I know that every one of you loves me utterly and unconditionally and I don’t expect you to be aware of it yet.”

Yes, when we wake up to the consciousness that we are, we do know that everyone loves us and we don’t expect them to be aware of it yet.

How do we know that?  We know that, because that is who we know ourselves to be.  When we are aware of the consciousness that we are, we experience its love, its love of us, it love of everyone, its love of everything.

That Is Truly What Is.

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