To Breathe, a Miracle, a Sweet Mystery

The Breath, to breathe, to ATTEND FULLY to it happening is SO AMAZING!  To be aware of the AIR moving in and then moving out, to JUST ATTEND, with no effort to change or alter it.  JUST AWARENESS OF IT HAPPENING.  It changes on its own, becomes fuller, deeper.  The whole body is a wave as it happens, softly, deeply massaging every part of the substance I refer to as ‘my’ body.  In that moment there is no comprehension of ‘my’.

These very molecules of AIR, moving in and out of ‘my’ body in this moment have done this same exchange in another moment with every other living thing on earth throughout all time.  So intimate.  Moving in and out of all those living bodies, so close to every soul.  The movement, the rhythm, AWARENESS, energy moving, waves of energy suddenly sending a leg spontaneously into involuntary movement, jerking, letting go, relaxing deeper. Again the energy builds, the leg jerks, again yet deeper relaxation.  Again!  SUCH SWEETNESS!

Maternal Goddess

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