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In Love Without End by Glenda Green, the Sacred Heart in each of us is said to have seven dimensions of intelligence. Unity is referred to as the first intelligence of the heart.

A few weeks ago I made a plan to write a series of articles on each of them. “Now is that arrogant ambition or what?” my mind said. My heart responded, “Or is it the adventurous Soul wanting to learn and recognize what I haven’t yet?

I felt totally inapt to share anything except pure intellectual conjuring as I approached the subject. What did I really know in my heart from my experience about the intelligence of Unity?

As is my usual practice, I asked for help from spirit guidance, letting go of my thoughts, holding the intention that something would come to me in the morning when I awoke.

I shared my quandary regarding Unity with Peter. He suggested that the video we picked out to watch that evening, Shattering Glass, might prove instructive of Unity. My mind poopooed his suggestion.

What insight could a movie about the media offer regarding Unity? The suggestion seemed naively absurd. I missed noticing that the projection of my thought was better turned around to reveal my own naive arrogance in that moment.

We watched the movie and went happily off to sleep. And with the dependability of Spirit, insight began to flow as I awoke:

Unity is the awareness of the amazing synchronicity of all the devas and elementals collaborating with one will to create a shimmering awe-inspiring sunset.

Unity is the experience of looking at my hand, as if for the first time and seeing it as the absolute miracle of creation that it is.

Unity is that soul expanding experience of unconditional love I had at the CPCI Learning Community in 97. We were asked to sit opposite someone I had never met before and exchange a steady gaze into each others eyes for three minutes. The man who approached to partner with me in the exercise, I had not even noticed before.

As our eyes met in the deepening exchange we knew each other immediately and profoundly without any verbal exchange. The knowing was complete, eternal and intimate. That connection is unaltered by the physical reality that his life as a CEO in South Africa was literally on the other side of the globe from mine in ME in more ways than geographically. All we needed in this lifetime was to anchor in Unity in that one moment of physical recognition to heal our past karmic ties to each other in an energetic dimension.

Unity is sitting on Peaked Mountain in Hiram Maine ‘holding’ the outer circle for people on wilderness quest. The spirits of the land committed to teaching us all the experience of Unity – that collaborative, compassionate, creative process of listening and responding together in a synchronicity that contributes to the common good of all concerned.

A particular day comes to mind in the fall off 2002. I had gone down the mountain and was returning on the trail that was still being ‘developed.’ I had an impulse to move a certain stone, to place it in what I thought was a better location.

The thought was permeated with a subtle attitude of sole decision maker, of ‘ownership’, rather than listening in collaboration with the spirits of the land.

Decisively I moved the stone. Instantly I experienced a very sharp pain in the big toe of my right foot. Immediately I realized that the pain was a message, a response.

The subtle violence in the separate aloof intent with which I had moved the stone was immediately reflected back to me. I felt intense love from the spirits who had given this sharp clear wake-up call.

In another hundred yards, walking carefully not to injure my toe further, I sat down in the grass next to my colleague, Jeremy Youst to begin to examine the instrument causing the wake-up call.

I found that a large thorn had entered my toe. The thorn had an impressively large base, easy take hold of with my fingers, which I did. Both of us watched as I gently pulled on it.

The thorn came out with complete ease, revealing its astonishing length of more than an inch. How had it even fit all the way into my toe! As it slide out the pain was instantly gone! Such Love! Unity!

Yes, Unity is what is happening all around us, when we are intelligent enough to perceive and respond to it, which is of course when we are in our heart.

Spirit spoke to me through client the other day, who shared the following insight into Unity:

“Before you dive into the water you often can’t see where the current is going, but once you dive you can feel it. Then you choose either to swim against it or to swim with it. Clearly it is easier to swim with it. Nonetheless it is crucial to swim!”

And before that it is important to dive! I wonder how many of us prefer to stand on the dock, rather than get caught swimming against the current. Maybe it is better to dive.

If we find ourselves swimming against the current, at least we are getting stronger, inevitably we will tire of it and let go.

Eventually we all learn to swim with the current, first in one aspect of life. Then we expand that knowing to other aspects of life.

Unity! We can’t get away from it really. Maybe that is why it is Unity!

Unity doesn’t just happen to us. Unity is synchronistic participation. It is the goodness that comes when the competition for dominance lets go.

It is the intelligence to recognize and let go of the separating attitudes and thought forms that we have unconsciously assimilated. The thought forms that compete for existence against our heart.

We project this inner discord out. It is the screen that frames our experience of life. As we let go of this inner competition, we begin to swim with the current rather than against it.

Then our life begins to flow with the synchronicity of creativity.

Unity is at the heart of the creative process in Art and in Life. Unity is that knowing in the heart of how to listen, to feel, and to foster the integration of all aspects of a painting, or all aspects of our life.

It is the awareness and honoring of all that wants expression, existence, and manifestation.

It is a letting go of personal agenda with a committed intention for alignment with all the active components, tangible and intangible – alignment with reality, alignment with ‘God Energy Happening’.

It is the keynote of Beauty in Life and in Art. Beauty is said to be the ‘proof’ of truth, hence scientific theory is evaluated by its ‘elegance.’

Beauty is equally the proof of Unity, the indication of alignment with the will of Divine Oneness.

PS. Of course there was plenty in the video, Shattering Glass, to contemplate as Unity. Daaah!

One of the ironies of the film is that the person who the personalities are calling the most heartless is the person who is most aligned with Unity and who by following the truth breaks through to inspire a unity of self-responsibility in himself and those around him.

Where do you recognize the Heart’s intelligence of Unity in your life? Where could you use a shift from the secretarial focus of the mind with its rudderless, lack of ability to integrate and prioritize real value, to your own heart’s knowing of Unity?

©2004 by Maryanna Bock

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