Recordings of My Free Video Classes

In the fall of 2016, offered four free monthly video classes. It was the beginning of an exciting adventure in learning this new technology and connecting with people spread out over the globe.

It has been a learning curve for me so you may notice glitches in the earlier ones and improvement as I gain skill in using the technology. They can be seen below.

This January I began offering a weekly series of eight classes entitled Living from the Power of Your Love.  That series can be accessed by purchasing the password protected access.

The first class was given August 18th, entitled What is Conscious Love in Relationship.


The second class was given September 15th entitled, Trust, What do we put our Faith in? Do we trust life with its sudden appearances and disappearances of the Miraculous?

The third Class was given October 20 entitled Emotional Reactivity. Do I let got of it or does it let go of me?

The fourth class was given November 11 entitled Peace on Earth.